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Intense Push Up And Ab Workout Routine ~Subscribe~
This is Part of My workout Routine That I do every other day, Hope i can help alot of other people get into shape Ima be uploading More health and Exercise Vids that i use to keep in shape so Subscribe...
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seborrheic dermatitis treatment /cure  2nd video
FIRST VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVj1fq725FU Contact me on face book: https://www.facebook.com/dyshaun.mcdaniel UPDATE HEY, I have an email of what I did to cure my dermatitis for sale for 35$ if you want it please contact me and be prepared to make a payment email will be sent right away.. It took me around 6 months to cure . Be patient stay determined and it will clear as mine did. Payments will be made through the CASH APP http://cash.me/app/LPDXHHW
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Unarmed Behavior Therapist with his hands up shot by Police Officer
Florida police shoot unarmed therapist An unarmed behavioral therapist, a Black man of course, who was attempting to calm an autistic patient who was playing with a toy truck got shot by Florida police. Someone called the police claiming that the boy had a gun. He had a toy truck. When police shot the man, who happened to survive to tell the story, he had his hands in the air. After they shot him, he asked the officer why he shot him, and the officer openly said, "I don't know." They handcuffed him and the patient anyway. https://soundcloud.com/youngsix6/gunshots_sixshot LISTEN TO AND DOWNLOAD SONG YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO USE SONG IN ANY MATERIAL
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Juke Feat Reecey Day Jae Fitted And Sixshot (Lastarya )
NEW SITE LINK http://bosslandbosses.ning.com/ BETTER THAN ALL THE OTHERS NO RESTRICTIONS JOIN NOW! We Putting the Midwest on the map New ~Video Feat the Hit Song JUKING ~ To download go here http://www.reverbnation.com/bosslandrecords Artist on the Song is P.Ruga Jae Fitted And ya Boy Six
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RAW HONEY & seborrheic dermatitis Treatment
This condition is extremely irritating , it controls your head in so many ways, I've been fighting this with no success so far, Im trying things to help it I will keep you all updated on the progress... Contact me on face book: https://www.facebook.com/dyshaun.mcdaniel UPDATE HEY, I have an email of what I did to cure my dermatitis for sale for 35$ if you want it please contact me and be prepared to make a payment email will be sent right away.. It took me around 6 months to cure . Be patient stay determined and it will clear as mine did. Payments will be made through the CASH APP http://cash.me/app/LPDXHHW
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Last Breath (Exclusive)( classic Song)
My newest Single off of my mixtape add me to your myspace fast Im bout to get signed!!! http://www.myspace.com/youngsixnorthlandrecords Show ya boy some love!!! Comment On this video for me!!
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Kid Beaten Badly Because He Has Good Grades
The Kid Could Have Gotten Killed Add Me On facebook https://www.facebook.com/dyshaun.mcdaniel?fref=photo
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Single Parents Short Film (2016)
(Single Parents) (SHORT FILM) tag/share with someone who can relate A short film showing a glimpse of what its like to raise kids on your own. No matter what happened that caused a parent to have to raise there child or children alone it happens way too often . It's a day to day struggle and some parents do it while working multiple jobs having to call off work because of a child is mis behaving or sick doctors appointments countless birthdays holidays doing it all on their own I Salute those who make it through the struggle staying strong through the hardest of times because times do get hard... But your efforts do not go un noticed... If you are a SINGLE parent Mom or Dad or have been one at any point in time .. I salute your efforts...
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New Dipset Feat YoungSix and P Ruga
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Am I Lame Because I don't Drink Or Smoke
No Days Off Series Share Share Share
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Jr Writer Drunk Freestyle (Dipset Diss) Comedy
(This Just a freestyle)Lol ay Comment on this I just was bored... Decided to see what id sound like rapping like jr writer.. yall know he got more talent then this but Im just Bullsh***** but rate and comment on it....let me know what yall think..
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Netflix - Making a Murderer "Innocent"
DownLoad Song at https://soundcloud.com/youngsix6/making-a-murderer-innocent *** Please Sign the Petition To help re investigate this case*** Link Below https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/initiate-federal-investigation-sheriffs-department-manitowoc-county-and-calumet-county-wisconsin THE AVERY/DASSEY WEBSITE WHERE YOU CAN FULLY SUPPORT THEM http://www.opaverydassey.com The FaceBook GROUP with 50,000 plus members join and support https://www.facebook.com/groups/stevenaveryjustice/ Follow me on FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/dyshaun.mcdaniel Let's get these GUYS FREE PLEASE I'm from Madison Wi so this case hit home for me...
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YoungSix ~ Can't Stop
www.reverbnation.com/bosslandrecords is where you can download all of my music add me on facebook ~ bossland6@yahoo.com
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Creative Tip For Mixing With PROTOOLS LE 7.4
More videos coming stay tuned!!! Six Bossland Ent!!
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Keeping Touch Massage ( Like On FaceBook)
Keeping Touch Massage Therapy "Keep In Touch So You Will Always Have A Touch You Can Keep" 5 out of 5 Stars Rated on Facebook.com/keepingtouchmassage www.keepingtouchmassage.com 608-770-9984 Call/Text to Book your next massage today spots fill up extremely fast so call/text as soon as possible before your desired date of appt..
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Boxing Training At Ford's Gym Madison Wi  Part 2
the 2nd half of my boxing training hopefully you all will see progress in a few months
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Lil Wayne Freestyle ~ Skin Color Of ya whip
www.myspace.com/thenamesix or www.myspace.com/youngsixnorthlandrecords
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Netflix - Making A Murderer "Innocent" Official Video
Wrote this song over the Netflix Making A Murderer Documentary Regarding the Steve Avery And Brendan Dassey Case where they where found guilty and is currently spending Life in Prison. I believe they did not get a fair trail , or that the prosecution and police officers where honest on the stand about what they found and how they found it. I'm from Madison Wi so it hits home for me. Fighting For Justice... *** Please Sign the Petition To help re investigate this case*** Link Below petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/ini…ty-wisconsin THE AVERY/DASSEY WEBSITE WHERE YOU CAN FULLY SUPPORT THEM www.opaverydassey.com The FaceBook GROUP with 50,000 plus members join and support www.facebook.com/groups/stevenaveryjustice/ Follow me on FaceBook www.facebook.com/bossland6 Let's get these GUYS FREE PLEASE I'm from Madison Wi so this case hit home for me...
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Mac Man TV Artist: Young Six Song: Time Clock Label: Bossland Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bossland6 Download Song Here https://soundcloud.com/youngsix6/bossland-records-time-clock Directed/Edited By: Terrence Mac Man Jackson Download Mac Man Tv 608 App on smart phones to see more
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Will Smith Lupe Fiasco Micheal Jackson CHANGE THE WORLD
Celebs Change the World SHARE VIDEO download at www.soundcloud.com/youngsix6
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HomeLess in the MIDDLE of Winter
No Days Off Series Share for me PLEASE
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Your Fired
No Days Off Motivation
No Days Off Until it pays Off
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All Over yo Body ~ Young 20 *New* 2009 Bossland
New song for the ladies hey if yall like ask me how to download Ill make it happen for you! ~ Six Comment and Subscribe
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Early morning grind FREESTYLE Young Six
Freestyling getting up early on my daily grind www.facebook.com/bossland6 www.soundcloud.com/youngsix6
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Boxing Training At Ford's Gym Madison Wi
Just working on my boxing some more hopefully im making progress.
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Unt Feat YoungSix ~Judge Me Remix
Hot as song feat me!!! Hope yall like it COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE!!!
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I am my own self destruction
No Days Off Series Share Please
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Edcary & Rockkia Getting Down to some Old School
New years Eve Party Good times Find them on Facebook
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ALS ice bucket challenge Dyshaun McDaniel (six shot)
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Rated NR Killuminati (NO RESPECT FOR JAY Z OR Illuminati ) Sixshot
Judge how you want , SUBSCRIBE COMMENT RATE, JAYZ DISS SUPA HARD... this will neva be on any mixtape but free for download at http://www.reverbnation.com/bosslandrecords add me on facebook email @ bossland6@yahoo.com
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T25 Ab Intervals
Shell'a doing her morning workout. T25 Ab Intervals Workout.
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Seborrheic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema Before & After Treatment  Results (CURED)
I suffered from Seborrheic Dermatitis , it was Torture I wasted so much money on so many products that where supposed to work for me and none of them did. It took so much of my confidence away, I was struggling to feel like my self. I was extremely extremely desperate , I was lucky to find help, Now I am sharing my information that saved me. Once you contact me & I receive payment I will Forward you email with all the instructions needed to help you on your journey. Below is my Facebook, link contact me via there or comment on here if you do not have Facebook and we can communicate another way. my email is dyshaun716@gmail.com you can also send PayPal payment to that email as well https://www.facebook.com/dyshaun.mcdaniel Results May vary, this is not a Guarantee that it will work, I am just sharing what worked for me. I had to stay on this plan for a little over 6 months
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P.Ruga Feat Youngsix ~Gotta Eat 2009
Another Hit song off Of my Life after The streetz Mixtape Check out all of my songs and comment as much as possible! I LOVE FEEDBACK!
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9/11 in 2010 Truth Can't be destroyed By Lies Only Hidden
I just want to know from all the people who don't think the Government has anything to do with 9/11 and anything else going on in the world , why so many secrets, Just imagine when you did something wrong and where accused how different you would react if you where truly innocent, You wouldn't care if we investigated or even talked about it, If It was osama then reinvestigating would only show that it had to be who they said it was cause TURTH IS TRUTH, You can't destroy truth, but obviously Criminals barely ever admitt they committed the crime even with all evidence DNA pointing to them. i just think as Americans we can be smarter than we have been and make sure who ever is responsible for this to be caught.. Which is probably a lot of people. use common sense on how many rare events happened all in one day....... Its just our Luck huh OKAY ...
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This was one of my audition Tapes VOTE FOR ME AIGHT http://ilovenewyork2.com/people/youngsix6 AGAIN AND AGAIn
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Keeping Touch Massage (Madison Wi)
KeepingTouch MassageTherapy if you haven't experienced a massage by me your missing out big time... I strive to give my clients some of the best massage they have ever had.. Schedule yours today... Www.facebook.com/keepingtouchmassage
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Jeremih Style~ Get Grown (subscribe and comment)
New Version of my song GET GROWN !! DOWNLOAD SONG NOW @ http://www.reverbnation.com/bosslandrecords Song is called GET GROWN FULL VERSION!! DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE PLEASE!!!
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Shadow Boxing Youngsix6
Just after a quick leg work out working on shadow boxing
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www.myspace.com/thenamesix or www.myspace.com/youngsixnorthlandrecords
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Sixshot Boxing World's Fastest Hands In Boxing
Just another Boxing hand speed update stay tuned and comment
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Please ForGive Me Feat Lisa Lavies Altar call
Here we go again another track off of my Latest Mixtape (Life After The streetz Vo1 Progression) Hope yall feeling it if not its all good I dont expect everybody to like it but comment anyway Anyfeed back is better than none always....SUBSCRIBE ... hit me up on facebook http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/dyshaun.mcdaniel Link to Lisa's page http://www.youtube.com/user/lisalavie1 Link to down load my music http://www.reverbnation.com/bosslandrecords
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If I Die 2Day Official Video ~Young Six
Subscribe Comment Rate, Feel free to download song at http://www.reverbnation.com/bosslandrecords More music coming.. Mixtape will be out in 2weeks.... stay tuned...
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Im so grateful Lord NEW 2009
He is Alpha and Omega, He is greatly to be praised.... In jesus name I praise... I told yall I got talent.. wait I got a Gift From God himself. There aint nothing I can't do.. I just be playing around.. If you think anybody is better than me let me hear they best song and I guarantee I'll do 10000% Better. I got GOD ON MY SIDE...
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YoungSix - Time Clock NEW 2013 STOP CHICAGO VIOLENCE
Check out this new track I just dropped show love give feedback and thoughts on the verse add me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/dyshaun.mcdaniel
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how to make money from Myspace
This is an opportunity of a life to do some of the easist work, For only 2-3 hrs a day you can be making 500 and above a week, plus go to any concert int the world for free! A.P.I.A Is an Insurane Company and We Are Concert Promoters And If you join My team You will have the life you always dreamed of no college no degree. Just alittle dedication and enthusiasm and you can make up to 100,000 and better your first year in the business depending on how you bad you want it! Hit me up on the myspace for more information www.myspace.com/onelifesix
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Six Greatest Hits Vol 2 (Exclusive) 1,000,000 Subscribers NEW 2010
My vol 2 to my greatest hits, Alot of my versus combined just to give yall who support me alil bit of me all in one, ya can see vol 1 on youtube too feel free to comment and rate and Please SUBSCRIBE ASAP. SUPPORT REAL TALENT... to download my songs go to http://www.reverbnation.com/bosslandrecords Appreciate all the love I get... Hopefully i can earn more...... Yes I believe in GOD...†
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Old freetstyle 2006 Young six Bossland Get Money OBAMA Congrads
You already know money makers doing a lil freestyle
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Promised Me full Version Feat Martin Luther King Jr ~Brand New 2010
A New song... Hope yall feeling it as much as I am.. Comment on it.. I always appreciate feed back.. Ima try and keep good music coming.. I Love making real music.. cause nobody really does any more.. Like everything evolve around money and swag all of a sudden... But back to reality.... with Holla at me Six. http://www.reverbnation.com/bosslandrecords to download anyone of my songs. and hear a better version of this song the video mix down is terrible. add me on facebook email is bossland6@yahoo.com
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