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If You Want To Know What It Takes To FIND and KEEP LOVE - WATCH THIS!

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If You Want To Know What It Takes To FIND and KEEP LOVE - WATCH THIS! Simon Sinek on LOVE and LEADERSHIP Video & Interview, Thanks and Credit to Tom Bilyeu: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnYMOamNKLGVlJgRUbamveA Speaker: SIMON SINEK: https://www.youtube.com/user/SimonSinek Edit by: Fearless Soul Download or stream our inspirational speeches now on: iTunes: https://goo.gl/RCwnn Spotify: https://goo.gl/5V4xKD GooglePlay: https://goo.gl/j1WoZ2 AmazonMP3: https://amzn.to/2nClMw1 AppleMusic: https://goo.gl/RCwnn Worldwide MP3 Download: https://goo.gl/qtxswu Transcript: https://iamfearlesssoul.com/simon-sinek-real-reason-people-fall-and-stay-in-love/ Music by: Fearless Motivation Instrumentals ALBUM: Abounding Ambient "She fell in love with you because when you went to the fridge to get yourself a drink, you got her one without even asking. She fell in love with you because when you had an amazing day at work, and she came home and she had a terrible day at work, you didn't say "Yeah, yeah, yeah, but let me tell you about my day." You sat and listened to her awful day, and you didn't say a thing about your amazing day. This is why she fell in love with you." Official Website: http://www.iamfearlesssoul.com Let's Be Friends On Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/iamfearlesssoul/ 1 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/911well https://twitter.com/iamfearlesssoul INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/iamfearlesssoul/ LISTEN TO FEARLESS SOUL, every day on your phone: iTunes: https://goo.gl/5qhzcv Spotify: https://goo.gl/pLpJSt GooglePlay: https://goo.gl/X6racV AmazonMP3: https://amzn.to/2LIEJrK Apple Music: https://goo.gl/5qhzcv Worldwide MP3 Download: https://goo.gl/UVXmbM If you loved this, please share the video and spread the message on Social Media using the share links in this video. #SimonSinek #Love #Relationships
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Fearless Soul (2 months ago)
What does it take to FALL IN and STAY IN love?
MEN vs. mediocrity (7 hours ago)
The consistent actions of unconditional love. AGREE
PHILL SHIVELY (5 days ago)
Woman Don't love anybody but themselves Love Is a pipe dream it's a lie it's more of a Social Construct than Gender
Kel Har (6 days ago)
CT is (7 days ago)
Would you like to know?
Megistius (9 days ago)
A full wallet, status and looks
Jay King (2 hours ago)
I understand how he coming he just ain't say it right
H. Lhemheur (3 hours ago)
It's a pity his discurse deals only with companies. He should mainly say this about common life which is much more important. His Dunbar's number was already dealt with by Socrates, by the greeks and even all the non-modern guys who saw that problems in a society of 100million persons are very different from 1million times those of 100 persons. Said it otherwise, things are nonlinear. I recommend books by Ivan Illich about this. I miss such consistency in almost all the companies. And also in families (read Christopher Lasch by the way).
Nagev (3 hours ago)
Where do I start with all the assumptions made here. 'Leaders care about the answer, they will listen'. Not always and not the majority of them. If you think about it, leaders have been trained to 'listen' because they have been told that 'if you want to be perceived as a good leader you must do a,b,c'. So its more likely that leaders are playing by the rules to get where they need to be e.g. money, success, fame etc. Whether they really care about anyone else except themselves that's a completely different story, with the psychology department.
XoREALDEALoX (7 hours ago)
This dude can convince me that shoving a car up my ass is a good idea. Can’t get enough of Simon Sinek
Tao Pan (9 hours ago)
This dude is so charismatic he can talk about shitting and I’ll still listen
tashi lhadon (14 hours ago)
when you open fridge which is fine and you offer something your partner.....and now if your partner doesn't drink it,it hurts your feeling&if drinks it she/he hurts herself/himself by adding extra pound.What you say people...complicated haha.
tashi lhadon (14 hours ago)
Just calling brothers and sisters won't change people attitude,one needs to feel it&also courage is not an external factor as if that's true then the day that external factor is ceased then where should we go looking for..regarding relationship..no matter how much you keep doing if your partner doesn't feel the same then what's the point..I mean you are only human&its obvious that we look for someone else who understands you better but nice talk.Thanks S.Sinek.
Last Generation (20 hours ago)
This is so powerful and real God bless this man 🙏🏼
Fidus Achates (1 day ago)
It's impossible for any slut..,I mean a woman to love a man. She only loves the things you can do for her and what you can provide.That feeling I'll say is momentarily and fleeting, so all these long lectures is bogus and does not hold shit.
Tsundere Yukimura (1 day ago)
Now I understand my father. Hes been telling us this all our lives, but we never understood. Now Im crying and realized how bad I am as a daughter. Thank you! The time I spent on watching this is worth it.
Ansir Gillani (1 day ago)
axellereet (1 day ago)
can i watch this without the music?
Asif Imteaz (1 day ago)
Very nice.Thank you sir.
Why teachers are leaving their jobs?
I really dislike this way he’s talking about love. If a man falls in love with a woman first, and he has to continually woo her to make her love him, then that’s the wrong type of love. That man will have a bad relationship with that woman. It is so much better when a woman falls in love with a man for who he is, not because he loves her first. A woman wants a man who really impresses her, a man who makes her lose control of her emotions. Women are more emotional than men, so a woman’s love should be even stronger than the man’s.
Astra (1 day ago)
about courage though, courage is about doing the right thing, standing up for the just thing when there is no one to have your back, when there is no one to support you, when everyone is in hiding, taking care of their own interests, when you know there will be bad consequences for you and you do it anyway - it's easy to be brave if there is someone who supports you and protects you. this is how i think of courage. people i know, however, call this 'stupidity'. i think they might be right as they are prospering and i live with the consequences of my own 'brave' decisions and actions btw, the latest of my courageous undertaking was standing up to my own Chief Product Officer, after approx. 6 months of being bullied at work, by her - and then hearing that she was doing even worse things to others, at which point i concluded that only a psychopath would be able to behave the way she was behaving, and that she needs to be stopped. i am now un-employed. i'm not done trying to stop her bullying people though, as other C/top level managers, those with enough power to actually do something about it, obviously have no intention of doing anything about it - and someone has to.
X Gaming (1 day ago)
Brothers and sisters words...there is a Hadeth In Islam Muhammad (SAW) said“You are Brothers and sisters to each other in Islam”🙂Is He said
Armyx BTS (2 days ago)
IYN (2 days ago)
Background music does half of the job to convince people to listen to that speech. Put some mariachi music and it will be a comedy.
Klaas Bakker (2 days ago)
The guy farted in 4:30
Adam Harris (2 days ago)
This guy is full of shit
. *The military has brothers and sisters conditioning .... so its easier for them to commit 'legalised' murder on behalf of their specific state ...... if we viewed ourselves as one connected species ... we might avoid this potentially dangerous divisiveness*
Salvador Dizon (3 days ago)
"Consistency" day in day out.
JuicyProductions (3 days ago)
What the hell... can you measure how much you need water? How much you need food to live? Doesn't this idiot think about love everyday? It's a need, not something that you measure. He's an idiot.
Darek Z. (3 days ago)
Jesse Gordon (3 days ago)
Love is just a chemical produced in our bodies...it doesn't really exist. I can experience the same emotions getting high on drugs
Marco Correa (3 days ago)
What a boring background music.
Milk And Honey (3 days ago)
Why are folks listening to this idiot
San 2 (5 days ago)
Well that's mostly logical, but girls expect us to be magical LOL!
LoveMe,com (5 days ago)
Love and devotion to the people who’ve committed their lives, one of the best ways to keep your love once to be with you hopefully for the rest of your lives. All the little things that really matter to them.
willpower89 (5 days ago)
Be a dependable beta provider for a woman with gradually declining appeal as her biological clocks ticks it's way into her 30s. Her party years are over as her epiphany strikes - "Where did all the good guys go?!" she cries as she locks eyes with you, not yet reaching your prime as you enter your 30s. "He's soooo good to me" she exclaims to her envious friends who have also tired of bedding those hot guys they could sway easily in their early 20s but now they too just want to secure a dependable Real Man to provide them with offspring. Lock yourself down to one woman - be consistent for her. Be the best a man can get.
AHMED M (5 days ago)
Don't know why in every video this host has to take a posture with his shoe sole facing the audience/camera.. Looks gross.. Look at Simon he carries a true humble leaders quality with his both feet on the ground.
Youtubez (5 days ago)
At the same time it is easy to not love someone anymore
mustafa akram (5 days ago)
Stop the music it's washi2our brains
Faisal Malik (5 days ago)
Took me 6 years but finally she asked to see me and kissed me... those 6 years were worth it Because now i have known her for 8 years and 2 best years of my life
Anchy (5 days ago)
This is a nice way to say you're single on Valentine's Day and it's fine
Cheeck (5 days ago)
Romantizising corporotocracy. It is hijaacking a tribal need and the difference is that executives are the only ones driving away in a ferarri. Want to show your employees you love them pay them decent wages relative to the "leaders". Just to make the disconnected constantly changing insecure experience of 12 hour days bearable so that they do not need to assemble suicide nets like in Chinese sweatshops where they make our smartphones. Want to show love demonstrate some restraint and moderation billionaires.
Heidi Ahles (5 days ago)
It's about consistency from both sides to be Love ~
Dominique Haines (5 days ago)
I like the fact how he talkes about everything that relates in everyday life
Maher almoje (6 days ago)
I wish they would teach this in Schools 20 years ago
Tou Xiong (6 days ago)
People always talks about falling in love and being in love and love this love that, but what is love? No one has been able to show it to me. All I see when they claim to have it is a mutual beneficial agreement upon individuals or overly attached people that is super clingy or people who think they have the right to own others that they claim to be theirs nothing more. So what is this thing that people call love. Can anyone capture it and show it to the world.
Simon, super! Thank you sooo much! Agree!!! Lets believe and create our friendship and love from day to day -))
Daraius Murrell (6 days ago)
This guy is amazing. A lot of employers could learn a lot from this.
James Carlon (6 days ago)
wish some bigger corporations would listen to this.
Gavin Mc Cabe (6 days ago)
Hilarious. Truly hollow and totally hilarious.
Jordan life (6 days ago)
If there’s ever a end of the world he is the leader of it.
Jorge Luiz (6 days ago)
Never skip legday brah
John Nuggle (6 days ago)
“The test of love is sacrifice, and the gauge of love is unselfishness.” - Anthony De Mello. Consistency is a character of love, meaning forgetting the self consistently, being less centered on yourself (unselfish), that's a sacrifice.
Nu Nu Orleans (6 days ago)
I swear this made me realize that I don't mean anything to anyone.  I really realized how much love I have put out and how much I love my family and no one loves me.  I try my best. I give so much love and don't get it back. Man hearing this just makes me hurt even more
leomartin666 (6 days ago)
Want to have a better life? A relationship isn't the answer.
Jupiter 8 (6 days ago)
Love you simon !
Angel Guerra (6 days ago)
Tf this aint the 80s no more, now days womans never appreciate shit. All they care about if your famous, and have a lot of money.
CT is (7 days ago)
You are confusing people! Like maybe they can have what they want. Tell these wonderful people to get what they want cuz it is going to happen if they don't listen to you saying love is work. Love is not work it just is... It just is. It is not love it's better then that!!! Not sitting around telling people this degrading stuff. Be as 1 not as a individual who is now confused on 1... You just made 1... A 2 a 3 a 4 damn dog. You are telling people to settle. What's the love in that?
CT is (7 days ago)
You are wrong... I picked up a girl I talk to on the phone earlier in a day being precistant. Never seen her before in my life. As she walk past my truck to get in the passenger side we both looked at each other the same time threw my windshield and love finally happened... We both talk about that day of the same time and unbelievable sense of completion of togetherness... We are still together now! You need to experience that cuz you are not helping anybody.
its complycated (7 days ago)
I think i got my answers
Hellz Nomad (7 days ago)
I dont know why, but this video made me cry.
Nghi Trương Ái (7 days ago)
Some body help me. please? I don't understand. Between 3:11 and 3:16 Sript is: That anyone by themselves is innocuous and useless. That anyone by themselves is innocuous and useless. Literally, pointless by themselves. Thanks so much. Please tell me the meaning
Cornelious1882 (6 days ago)
+Nghi Trương Ái Your very welcome have a great day.
Nghi Trương Ái (6 days ago)
+Cornelious1882 Hi Cornelious, I got it. Thank you so much. After watched a little more, I think you're right. Thank you so much <3 I made the sub for young generation in my country. So your help is very meaningful
Cornelious1882 (6 days ago)
Nghi,He is making a point about leadership. So he is saying one person by themselves = may seem insignificant, uninteresting,useless. But that person can still show leadership by doing small little things each day consistently. Can build the inspiration,trust,to perform,belief,healthy work environment for his team over long term to achieve.I Hope that helps.
Maciek Anikob (7 days ago)
No wonder none of my relationships worked out...
Furious Potatow (7 days ago)
He's actually looked like Markiplier TBH...
Jay Aldo (7 days ago)
Tell me in this society which manager will take any chance to get fired? As long as position is secure that manager will ruin anyone’s life
My Phuong Huynh Thi (7 days ago)
In the case of this person the speaker is right , all his deed to his girlfriend r visual n respond to her wish. Look a girl wants to meet her friend, he refuses without giving any reason. This is her wish.He knows n refuses to do .So he must stop this relation.
muziekmindtwister (8 days ago)
He is confusing love with feeling save and caring , what he is talking about is something you would call love if you never fell in love at first sight. Love tho is something which only can happen and grow when feeling save with eachother and will improve because of consistancy because it is predictable but they are two different things
zilda zaid (8 days ago)
Genius Marc Says (8 days ago)
never take advice from a young man who wear glasses
Cece Zalez (8 days ago)
Sometimes we are afraid to go to the limit for some one and then get hurt that makes us into monsters
J Cripps (8 days ago)
As a business owner for 20+ yrs and with the same person for even more I can tell you from my experience this is true. The opposite can be true as well falling out of love, becoming out of shape and a failing business can all happen erode slowly over time. Create and build a healthy productive culture in a working environment and reward loyalty and value staff and it pays off over the longterm.
Don Won (8 days ago)
I seen results...
Rosalia Zucaro (8 days ago)
Dearest soul friend Fearless Soul, thank you. This is truly Phenomenal and so true. Thank you for blessing us with this truth. I love this. God bless you for this today. It's a blessing to hear it and feel how it resonates with me. Unity, unconditional love and compassionate people bring undying love to our world. Stay Blessed! Rosalia Zucaro
BRAD_XEN777 -_- (9 days ago)
Love is a verb. It takes more action than we may think.
Suneesh Kumar (9 days ago)
Holy shit.. why didn't I see this before .. I saw only a small clip updated in FB, it has only the first 2-3 mins... About love n relationship.. not about leadership
Dr Pet (9 days ago)
man is man , woman is woman ... old school... keep the woman satified (sex and stability )dont complicate with bla bla. .
Gregg Acuff (10 days ago)
My first job (and best job i'll ever have) my boss's name was sam. He owned the resturant and we had a staff of around 4-6. He would make us all dinner every night and sit down with us and eat and actually ask us how our day was and he talked to and treated us like we ere family. Their was never a day i dreaded going to work even though the work i did their was terrible. There was never a day i ever considered quitting. Every day i woke up and was looking forward to going to work because it was another family, another home. Good leaders are hard to find and good friends are harder and when you both both of this in one person never let go. My boss eventually got sick and had to close down the resturant
DangerMan (10 days ago)
She fell in love because I went to the fridge and got her a drink too.... Hmmm. Did all that. I guess there is an exception to every rule.
Mackenzie Meade (10 days ago)
Captain America is inspiring
benny blanco (10 days ago)
I constantly watch this videos and nothing happens
Miss Chowmeiin (10 days ago)
Love his glasses
leboof1986 (10 days ago)
What a load of shit
Darth Bane (10 days ago)
After watching this I gave the good morning thing a try... I guess I should have waited for her to wake up.
Johnnie Rodriguez (10 days ago)
Love is a noun , it’s not a verb .
alex bazin (10 days ago)
Amazing speech
alex bazin (10 days ago)
I mean he is right
Sami Buhajar (10 days ago)
Very thoughtful
blackman toothless (10 days ago)
Does it work both way???
Da Screenwriter (9 days ago)
blackman toothless I agree with you 💯
blackman toothless (9 days ago)
+Da Screenwriter that's why I ask the question, u get her!!! Buy her gift!!! Take care of her!!! Treat her like a princess!!! Pay for all her stuff an bills!!! Provide all the stuff she needs etc however if she doesn't love you it's your fault!!! The reporter should ask him what's love.. my definition is giving without expectations. I have yet to see a woman give anything without expectations... don't be fool by beauty, it will fade
Da Screenwriter (9 days ago)
blackman toothless I don't think so, everything is geared for men to supply for her but not the other way around.
Chase Positivity (11 days ago)
Dose of motivation!😍😍
white Flag (11 days ago)
The fact he asks for a number (calling it metric - whatever that means) shows he knows absolutely nothing about this subject. I loved my true love long before we met - because I wrote many poems and sonnets in anticipation of meeting her. She searched for me until an angel told her where I am. Nevertheless ... we still have not held each other - yet our love defies all reasoning (metric or otherwise). ...and the world is still unable to comprehend what we have.
Sumit Kolhe (10 days ago)
He just asked that question to prove that you can't exactly define the metric for things such as this. You can't have it this way where one day you are not in love and the next day you are. Consistency is the key.
HudziEツ (11 days ago)
Brian Be (11 days ago)
Tyra Sanchez (11 days ago)
This is on tik tok
Ruben Lopez (11 days ago)
Great message to give, just not my favorite speaker to be giving it.
lee sih (11 days ago)
Is the host ever going to ask ? He's mesmerize lol
NGA Video Quotes (11 days ago)
Finally a video that motivated me to brush my teeth
Leo Lima (11 days ago)
You can skip a day and eat chocolate... hum ... not such a good analogy. Husbands will be "tasting" a black woman once a week (if you're married to a black woman, then just a different woman) lol
BobaFetty91 (11 days ago)
I can’t even speak for 60 seconds
Dirk Hesse (11 days ago)
Hmm I wonder what would have been if the host was not married at all.
Why the hell he look like shane from bfu
OMNI Wayne (12 days ago)
I do 1 sit up everyday before getting out of bed
v Ahk v (10 days ago)
The next day you should strive for 2
Javig * (12 days ago)
I’d like to see the same video with Super Mario music, so not to be biased by the “epic moment” music.
Ethan Denton (12 days ago)
I love this guy.
Ma Idonthaveone (12 days ago)
Aweful not a fan of Simon

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