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COME AND MEET ME IN PERSON! Vlog 005. This #Vlog I share plans to have meetups with some of you! my buddies bulldogges https://www.instagram.com/bossbulldogges/
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Vigilant Vlog (5 months ago)
If you live in the Ottawa, Ontario Canada area add me on Instagram and message me "I LIVE IN OTTAWA" or "I WANNA MEET YOU IN OTTAWA" to get connected with me and for more details @ThevigilantchristianMario on Instagram
J.R. Wilkinson (3 months ago)
Very like minded. Live near Belleville. Keep pressing forward brother.
Tyrus Tallon (4 months ago)
I'm turning 18 in 19 days can't probably meet you in person but I'm going to Europe in April lol.
Dominic Soulsby (23 days ago)
Why would we want to meet a man that follows a so called all loving god that allows child cancer and asked a man to allow his daughter to be raped. Your gods like the Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Viking’s God’s. slipping into the pages of history.
Lukas Hartlmayr (1 month ago)
hey bruder mario i would love to meet you, but sadly i am from austria :-)
Natasha leann (1 month ago)
whats up (1 month ago)
Hey Mario, what's up with the lady saying you are a pedophile Satan worshiping pole smoker. Do you play butts and wieners with little boys.
Wendy C Lo (1 month ago)
Jalapeños! ♥
TheBirchTree1205 (1 month ago)
CCC LVC (3 months ago)
This account is very old... However I have a testimony to share with you however it was/is picture and have gotten deleted. Is there anyway I can have your email to send it to you in reference to just how soon our Father Jesus return :).
fevrius kathy (3 months ago)
I love your passion for Christ.i have a great passion too for evangelism.i will I could meet you,but I am in the US,NJ. God bless you brother,Shalom.
BrownGirlLauren 17 (3 months ago)
💚💚 👍👊✌👌 🙏🙏☺☺
Alyssa Beth (3 months ago)
God bless you!
Carisa C (4 months ago)
I wished u lived in vancouver
VegetarianLamb (4 months ago)
Cute puppies😍
Just Me (4 months ago)
Thank you brother Mario for encouraging and challenging me and so many others on here. Thought we can all enjoy some good worship songs for our AMAZING SAVIOR JESUS!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l8xziuMqdk&feature=youtu.be
Deo Sherry Channel (4 months ago)
Darryl Danzinger (4 months ago)
We should all meet up sometime next summer. Who's in? :)
D. Blue (4 months ago)
That is a Great Idea Mario its Inspirational ✨🌠 We need to develope fellowship seriously coming together as believers oh yeah God always shuffles his servant around for the greater good his plans are mysterious but then Glorious OMG😍😢😍 I wish i could get one of those puppies i would give it a Biblical name 👼🏽💓
Romantic Hero (4 months ago)
Mario, last I heard you had decided against becoming a pastor. So you have decided to go through with it?
Rajcoomaree Sowamber (4 months ago)
Brother Mario you're looking much better and cheerful,praise God.Keep it up.May the Lord accompany you in your walk with him.God bless.
Wax Worse (4 months ago)
Nani Aloha (4 months ago)
How cute da puppies 👍🏻🙋‍♀️😁✝️😀
Cat W (4 months ago)
Good Luck with the new adventure! Hope you make some great friends there that become those special lifetime friends!!
Quill Odonoghue (4 months ago)
sorry for typos
Quill Odonoghue (4 months ago)
hello Mario I'm soo happy for your wonderful new life. your gonna be so a amazed how your life is gonna grow and you'll be happier. god bless . I'm going through through similar situation his has called my daughter and i to move to see area and it s so much better for my daughter quillane . we would like to be some time . good luck .
Eric (4 months ago)
COME OUT OF RELIGION & DWELL IN MY HEART ❤ Summary of Statements from the Lord https://youtu.be/8O3HWuzn1Bo
Eric (4 months ago)
WHOM DO YOU FOLLOW ? ... LOOK INTO MY MIRROR ❤ Summary of the Lord's Statments https://youtu.be/qADsY9xujg0
Boleng Sedimo (4 months ago)
I am halfway across the world more specifically Botswana, Africa
compactdiscman (4 months ago)
Damn I’m in chicago
justKenziebear (4 months ago)
I wish I could go to Bible college! Bless you, Brother and BEST of everything!
Raezel A (4 months ago)
omg I'm from the US going to canada in late December-January, would there be a way to meet you despite going to Toronto? Not to Ottawa sadly. I would be so so so thrilled to meet you. :(
ethyna214 (5 months ago)
I'm from NYC i can come up for a weekend :)
Blue Eyes (5 months ago)
😂Perhaps when i travel the United States...we can meet..i never thought about going to Canada...im actually in The Middle of Texas...So when i travel...i will let you know...☺👍
Nani Aloha (5 months ago)
Brother Get in touch with Diamond and Silk. They even have been to court about there Facebook, views etc. check out dere channel if you haven’t yet. Dey are very informative. 👀🙏👍🏻😇👰
Jeanetta Stadtfeld (5 months ago)
Wish I could but in Indiana.
Demetrice Smith (5 months ago)
Always use discernment. With your controversial topics, you sure you should put yourself out there? Be careful brother.
Lana G (5 months ago)
I wish I could meet you, but I live in Colorado! XD Any Coloradan brothers or sisters here?
Tracy Cummins (5 months ago)
If I thought for 2 seconds I could pay for such a dog I would take one in a single heart beat. I fell in love at first site with one in particular. So so beautiful!
Ashley Smith (5 months ago)
That’s awesome! Prayers with you brother! I was thinking of moving to Ottawa in the future as well. If I do move there I’d certainly love to go to your ministries. Hoping all goes well for you. God bless you!
jeremiah youmans (5 months ago)
I live here in Springfield Missouri
Lisa Falkenberg (5 months ago)
I have always wondered if i get to meet you in person. Hopefully I could meet you for spiritual advice
Sychael Lawinger (5 months ago)
Congrats man. We would love to meet you. We’re actually trying to do a YouTuber Meetup but we live in Chicago area. If you’re ever in our area you can reach out to us at sychaellawinger@yahoo.com. If we’re ever out there we’ll hit you up! Nice video brother!
Danielle E (5 months ago)
Any plans on coming to NYC in the near future? Let me know. 😉
Pamela H (5 months ago)
Toronto meet up sounds good. Maybe one day. God bless
Leah Cahoon (5 months ago)
I want to see you. I also want to give you a hug for the suffering of your channel.
Jerem0y (5 months ago)
Sounds like a great idea Mario would love to hear about it once it happens
David S. (5 months ago)
Justin Trudeau is anti-Christian. Hopefully he does not thwart Christianity more over there in Canada.
David S. (5 months ago)
Do you have to place a deposit and pay more rent for the cats? Here in the USA, you need a deposit and pay more rent for pets. I am a cat person. Cats are cleaner than dogs and better aesthetically to look at. My personal opinion.
brittany mar (5 months ago)
Hey Mario just wanted to say I'm very happy for you to be doing new things in life to benifit God and what he wants you to do. I was actually thinking about bible college as well but the only avenue I thought I'd like is youth ministry but I don't want to do it for finical gain so I might just go study to be a paralegal instead. I pray God continues to bless and guide you through these endeavors to help people learn about Jesus and Christianity. God bless you.
Yahawah is God (5 months ago)
Rapture is upon us. There are no 3 more years. GBY
Joanthan .J23 (5 months ago)
I would love to meet with you but I don’t live in Canada anymore:(
carolina de los cielos (5 months ago)
Praise God I firmly believe that God is moving you in a different direction in Life and when one door closes onother opens there's a Devine purpose and God has Big plans with this is just part of your ministry building don't forget this word (building ) couse God is building you and structuring you for his call ,praise God .Blessing to you my Brother .
HoaxWhoreHunter (5 months ago)
Watch out for the crazy stalkers bro. Remember ColCasperuk ?
Nancy J (5 months ago)
Guys don't be deceived click on everyone's channel and see by their fruits you shall know them. "I am not a Christian yet but I do believe in God."
Nancy J (5 months ago)
Guys just stop he can't see you all. "You're all over the World." Be understanding he lives in Canada.
Yahshua The Word (5 months ago)
The Holy Spirit is your Bible school.
Alexander Kapsiotis (5 months ago)
If God's willing, we'll meet among the two witnesses in this life. God bless!
Truth Warrior (5 months ago)
great news!!!! This is what you need!! Doors blasted wide open! Much success!
Dustin Brunet (5 months ago)
That's really cool brother! I'm not far from Ottawa. I've been looking for good godly men to create friendships with. I'm also going to be starting school soon. God has been leading me in a direction that will have me be a pastor one day. I hope I'll be able to get together with you. God bless brother.
Midnight Lantern (5 months ago)
God I wish I could but I live on Vancouver Island
Angeles Gallegos (5 months ago)
I pray you are safe when you meet these people brother Mario.
A. Cruz (5 months ago)
David Spear (5 months ago)
It's funny that you would post this, just yesterday i was thinking about reaching out to you about meeting up. Lol. i am presently in the Barrie area, but used to go to University in Ottawa. You'll love it, brother. Change is a good thing. It is a part of life. Again i can't thank you enough for opening my eyes to much of this world. Also happy to see you in a better way, Mario. God will lead and protect you. Shalom.
MyFaith Log (5 months ago)
Your last post on your other channel was so sad. I'm glad to hear that God is opening a door for you! If you're passing by Edmonton you can stay with my family :) I'm not a creep, promise. My husband is a super legit' and our church is starting a mens ministry. We love spicy food 😁
Arno van Gurp (5 months ago)
Please come to the Netherlands
Karen Lamb (5 months ago)
I thought your thumbnail said come meet me in prison. Lololol
unique fitness (5 months ago)
Jeremy Thompson (5 months ago)
I’m going to Lutheran seminary next year but it’s 10 hours away. It’s going to be rough leaving home and family but anything for my Savior Jesus Christ.
Ready To Fly (5 months ago)
Even this is monetized.....really man? God is judging your greedy heart.
Laurie Warrick (5 months ago)
Maybe one day you could do a meetup in the US (Colorado) :)
Choc-lit Cake (5 months ago)
Just found you on Instagram😙#1 supporter
2 bad i live in Germany i hope i will, if it's God plan place don't matter brother i support YOU
data dump (5 months ago)
have you ever read the screwtape letters, by c.s. lewis? i think you’d enjoy it a lot, mario.
Jan Potrc (5 months ago)
Hey, Mario! You could organize a trip to Israel because i heard you talking about this. Or have you done that already ?
Tina-Simone Johnson (5 months ago)
I'd love to have more Christian friends
Missdior776 (5 months ago)
Wish u were California area!
Heather (5 months ago)
All the best at bible school! If you move your cats keep them in apartment for at least 2 weeks, close all windows etc - otherwise they try to run away cause they get scared in a new place. Those puppies are adorable! I've never seen black and brown bulldogs before, what breed is the Dad?
Shadoww (5 months ago)
i wish i could meet you mario :( Im all the way in greece , its difficult
captianjessie1 (5 months ago)
Mario once you move to ottawa if you want to come out to smiths falls to to meet me because i do not have a car and g class licence. I hope that school goes good for you mario and maybe you cam teach school more then you will learn from school
If I come meet you in person I’m coming with the FIRE OF GOD BAPTIZING YOU IN THE HOLY GHOST AND FIRE! How’s that sound bro! :)
Roxanne Matej (5 months ago)
Awww....good luck with school. Wish I cld meet you. I'll be praying for you. Thanks for your bravery, strength and faith. You are so encouraging 😇🙏💜
Custos Venetus (5 months ago)
Super Mario Bros, the way you defend your faith with Scripture is very good! 👍 I can tell you love the Lord's Book. ⚓
Mrs. Scaife (5 months ago)
As you would say brother, BE VIGILANT! NOT EVERYONE NEEDS OR SHOULD meet up with you. Guard your heart. Let the Holy Spirit guide you and be lead to meet with some, but...be careful. With love...a concerned sister.
HoaxWhoreHunter (5 months ago)
Same thing I said . Remember the stalker ColCasper ?
Juanita Gardette (5 months ago)
Darn! I'm in Colorado but that's awesome for you and your future as well as all your teachings I believe you will show us!
Billy Beattie (5 months ago)
I went to bible college in 1990s biggest waste of time in my whole life.
Joshua Silva (5 months ago)
Man! Wish I could meet you. But I live in the good ol state of Texas.
Monica Guess (5 months ago)
Mario why don’t you make conferences in the US i would definitely go
Melissa Wheeler (5 months ago)
I wish I could hang out with you but I am in California.blessings tho you
Kris Meer (5 months ago)
I would love to meet you in person I live in Australia
Jazz M. (5 months ago)
I live in Michigan but I’m a sister not a brother lol. so I’ll have to wait until you have a group meet with men and women 🙏🙏🙏
doodle a day (5 months ago)
@vigilant vlogs hey Mario my family had the same thing happen we where preying to move to south korea and it looked like God had said no but in the course of one month later on everything clicked into place God can do anything
doodle a day (5 months ago)
Hey sorry for the censorship on your other channel are you gonna still post them here though?
Ethan Cundiff (5 months ago)
Go to Ohio
Pookie Pie (5 months ago)
I was growing some but some birds ate them :c lol
findingmy waytogod (5 months ago)
Awwwe come to Texas and visit you have support every where
Laurie Tijerina (5 months ago)
I'm glad that you're happy and with good strength and courage! Bless you brother ❤🙏
Greg Johnson (5 months ago)
Ordained by who? Acts 20:28 says the Holy Ghost makes men overseers excluding men making other men overseers. They didn’t have bible colleges when that was written. All the doctrine we need is written in the scriptures. However, college for training in Greek and Hebrew would be fantastic. Training to answers oppositions such as atheism (the most stupid) Islam and the occult etc is great also. I hope you get a lot of that! So yeah, there are some good uses to college.
Lisa Perez (5 months ago)
Love ya brother! Keep up the message of Jesus Christ!
A J (5 months ago)
I hope I get a chance to meet you some day. Your videos have changed my life. ✝️🙏
Anthony77 (5 months ago)
Wish I could just up and quit my life and run off to ministry school with you.. I’m so unhappy in my life since finding Jesus.. just feel like I have nothing in common with anyone in my life now.. wish you were closer to Chicago.. I really need fellowship with other Jesus followers.. btw, love your puppies!!!! I’m a total dog person.. thank you for your videos sir..
Catholic trad (3 months ago)
Anthony...same here....convert to the true Catholic faith and save your soul

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