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Why I Didn't Make Any Friends in College...

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Support my channel here: www.paypal.me/makaylasamountry it's a hard time so let's talk about it. This is my story. When People Leave You: https://youtu.be/4O_X5e1J27s DOWNSIDES TO LARGE SCHOOLS: https://youtu.be/aK39Xct746k MY GPA/SAT/ACT SCORE: https://youtu.be/sx-ICIzD3_k MY COMMON APP ESSAY: https://youtu.be/csg4JOu_4m0 ADD TO YOUR COLLEGE APP ASAP: https://youtu.be/kXIdZKW7eyQ WHAT I WISH I KNEW WHEN APPLYING: https://youtu.be/I_nSrGDaMCQ WHAT I LEARNED TRANSFERRING 3 TIMES: https://youtu.be/TC_fJxTs4OY WHY I CHOSE THE UMN: https://youtu.be/x6bM4W-AiDE COLLEGE NIGHT ROUTINE: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=jyj-jBaDr9c COLLEGE MORNING ROUTINE: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=dOceLUx3clc FOOD FOR COLLEGE: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=mvIi-0uP8CQ FIRST DAY OF COLLEGE: https://youtu.be/1lsTnn8YcaY WHAT NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT COLLEGE: https://youtu.be/zH9DrrLszVY ♡ NEW P.O. BOX ADDRESS ♡ Makayla Samountry PO Box #23388 Richfield, MN 55423 ♡ LET'S BE PENPALS! ♡ { L E T S B E F R I E N D S ! } INSTA: @makaykay17 https://www.instagram.com/makaykay17/ ("fan" insta: youarelovedmakayla) TWITTER: @makaykay_sam https://twitter.com/makaykay_sam FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/makaykay17/ TUMBLR: shootingstarsgivehope.tumblr.com SNAPCHAT: makaylasam17 +spotify: makaylasamountry SUBSCRIBE TO MY VLOG CHANNEL! http://tinyurl.com/pg7rqop SUBSCRIBE TO MY MAIN CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMDGSLsZLVsQOr6I6e3mlwA LIKE MY FB PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/makaykay17 BUY MY CLOTHES: https://www.depop.com/makaylasamountry Email: makaylaksamountry@gmail.com Paypal info for payments, tips, and such: makaylaksamountry@gmail.com Address for Business/Products: Makayla Samountry PO Box 23388 Richfield, MN 55423 PROMO CODES: UBER: makaylas677ue (1st ride free!) SANDCLOUD: MakaylaSmn25 (25% off purchase at www.sandcloudtowels.com) See you soon! ♡ Makayla ♡ If you're new, hi there! My name is Makayla, I'm 22 years old, and I make consistent creative content about my life here on YouTube, as well as my other social media sites. Feel free to stay awhile; we're like one big family on my channel and I love getting to know so many cool people. Subscribe if you're into it, and if not, have a great day :) [ALSO] Self-Promotions will be deleted immediately in the comments. Thank you! Keywords: Why I didn't make any friends in college, college, friends, no friends, i didn't make friends, college friends, making friends, making friends in college, sit down video, raw, real, authentic, honest, emotional, bed, in bed, college girl, my story, help, advice, experience, The downsides of large universities, downsides, large, universities, large universities, colleges, college, university, makayla samountry, makayla, samountry, makaykay, moremakaykay, makaykay vlogs, daily vlog, video blog, vlogger, small youtuber, minnesota youtuber, minneapolis, minnesota, college youtuber, college content, college video, college routine, college of wooster, ohio, university of minnesota, midwest school, colleges, campus, campus life, life, living, young adult, life style, student, opinions, relevant, relatable, trendy, trending, top, girl, youtuber in college, youtuber in university, go gophers, minnesota gophers, english major, creative writing minor, writer, published writer, write, writes, writing, poet, poems, poetry, motivating, motivation, inspiring, inspiration, inspire, motivate, real, raw, authentic, update, 2017, lonely, alone,
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karina murphy (1 year ago)
you make so so much content and are always super open with your viewers and i feel like you dont really get as much appreciation for it as you should, but thank you so so much for making these college videos. im applying next year and ill be going the year after that and it really does make it less stressful knowing that someone like you is making these videos because theyre helping me realize what to expect. you are so so lovely, thank you SO MUCH for doing these videos
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
Omg thank you SO MUCH, Karina!! I really appreciate knowing that my hard work is being acknowledged. Wow <3 I'm so happy you find my content helpful, too! Best of luck applying next year!!
Leo Leo (11 hours ago)
Hi, Collage I'd like to share how I did collage for about  15 years from age 14 to about 30 or so... My mother remarried a man who was going to USF, He would also go there to work out... One day he ask me if I like the University. { Being about 12 to 14 at the time } He tells me " You know you can go into the administration office & they will give you a pass to sit in any class you like & enjoy the facilities, but you can not talk or ask questions...  I do not or ever have thought like ppl around me... I started getting that pass around 14 and would take the Hartline bus till I got a car later on... I noticed that it wasn't  really  learning , it was figuring out what that particular professor opinion  of what he or she wanted you to write/believe... I studied philosophy {All forums } phycology (all forums } & sat in  a few other on just curiosity... I would sit in class that different professors were teaching on the same subject... All different views & basically teaching you how to be a believable parrot... Everyone there was just after the paper {diploma} not to really learn anything , just be able to recite what they have read. I was invited to many sorority parties... Then the big kicker hit me as one of the guys girlfriends was in a sister sorority. Well long story short they had a file cabinet of years and years of papers from ppl in there sorority of what teacher when and who had last they would also make student id with that persons name on it but a different picture on the id & that person would be taking your test... So I guess I decided then was I in it for the money or was it knowledge I was after ??? Money or a real picture of life and the worlds around me... I chose knowledge...................     I realized at 14 that I would have to listen to each professor on the same subject in order to properly put together this puzzle...  Boy many of the ppl would say to me man you been here years You haven't graduated yet, Some would say you know man you you'd probably ace all those classes you been to so many... I'd smile and say yea I know but I don't want to be anything I want to be everything and able to understand myself and why others are the way they are...  it was when your 6 or 7 & your parents or teacher ask you what do you want to be when you grow up, I would think and ask why can I only be one thing they would all laugh & giggle... May not be right in paper but I am right in thought , Dreams desire & I can see things for what they really are & what they can be..Well I'm not rich but I've done everything from washing dishes to wielding on battleships ,  Hanging off of buildings 5 and 8 stories high help build stadiums, plumbing, electrical So much more...   I now make colloidal Gold , Silver, Ormus & mind boggling healing sprays & herbal blends that are Bar None...  Work with different experiments with free energy self made generators .. When we stop learning are brain gets lock down into one of societies false costumes.. School is for knowledge for you its a gift not a credit card treat it like one and you have learned nothing...lots of love to all...Collage
Vanlal Jayant (10 days ago)
Boring experience is better than experiences with regrets
Makayla Samountry (7 days ago)
dany gurevich (14 days ago)
i just want to live in another world. a world with 100% good people, a world with no wars or hate, a world with people that love everyone.
dany gurevich (11 days ago)
+Makayla Samountry yea and thank you for your videos i love to see youtubers that help to lonely people like me, have a nice day and i think that some day everyone will get along with each other i never lose my hope about that lets make the world a better place 🤗☺️😇
Makayla Samountry (11 days ago)
"I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school... I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy"
Kaelyn (28 days ago)
University of Minnesota!? lol I applied there! buuut ended up going to a different college in Minnesota. Anyways, I can relate to this. I am a freshman this year and I do have a friend from my high school with me and one other close friend but other than that I feel pretty alone. During the first months I interacted and met so many people, went to parties, joined the intramural volleyball team, etc. I thought I was doing good and making lots of friends. But as time has gone on I have only really kept in touch with one friend and the rest are people I mostly just say hi to or have shorts convos with, it seems like they have made better friends so I feel pretty irrelevant. Because of that I have started to close myself off and have been less social because I feel like there isn't any point anymore. Pretty disappointed in myself going into the second semester because I started off good but its just been going downhill from here and I feel like a huuuugeee loner. I have yet to find my people lol. So I'm glad you made this because I can relate :(
Makayla Samountry (21 days ago)
That's so cool you also applied! It sounds like you can totally relate to what I went through, but also good for you for applying yourself and trying to get involved and meet new people! That can really make a big difference and help, and at least now you know you gave it your all!
Anjali Shukla (1 month ago)
I can so relate to this I have just passed two months in University in London and already feeling alone though I am doing foundation but I am not sure if I will be able to complete my undergraduate program here and its even hard to realise the problem before two months I was so enthusiastic in every thing but these two months have adversely affected me
Makayla Samountry (1 month ago)
Thanks so much for watching! I'm happy that this has found you and is helpful during your time at university :)
Keshall B. (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for these videosss
Makayla Samountry (1 month ago)
thank YOU so much
Dmeads 56 (1 month ago)
I’m currently at WVU and I feel the same. The people on my dorm floor are dope smoking people who all play fortnight. I do neither. I don’t really have anyone I know down in Morgantown.
Jacky Huang2.0 (1 month ago)
Damn all these comments are so positive! I like this channel
Makayla Samountry (1 month ago)
i agree!!! everyone is so nice!
texasjohn 1992 (1 month ago)
I am a high functioning autistic boy and had been bullied and cheated by three girls back in high school and so will not go to college cause of what happened to me! I am so trapped at home taking care of my mom sister and grandma and we all fight every day and have no job or nowhere to go! :(
Morgan (1 month ago)
I really liked this perspective and this video!
Makayla Samountry (1 month ago)
Thank you so much, Morgan!
John Knatz (1 month ago)
When I went to college the awe of it was not there for me as it was to others, sense I’ve been predisposed to diversity with living in Las Vegas for a year, and going to 4 different high schools. To me I knew everyone was fool of shit, that there phase of being liberal was going to pass as soon as they grow up. I was quick with jokes and had some spiritual insights while being super pragmatic and having the hallmarks as a smart young man. Though in reality I was depressed, Self loathing and spiteful; that developed a sick perverse emotional high for regrets. I abstain from sex (because it made me feel spiritually powerful), over indulged in alcohol and ran upwards of 30 miles a week(barefooted) . If you asked me what my religion was I would say I’m a Islamic Buddhic, Christ, and had a lot more head scratching remarks of that sort, and i could always explain it to. Now I realize that I’m a smart ignorant arrogant son of a bitch that lacks discipline and direction, and has a predation for sociopathic aggressive behavior typical of a young athletic young man raised in a broken home (spare the details) that has had certain idiosyncrasies and otherwise frowned upon behavior reinforced as core character traits do to my good looks allowing me to get away with it.
Madison (2 months ago)
I'm totally going through that same thing. I'm in my first year of college at a small Ohio school and I haven't really made any friends yet. It was that same thing for me where the first couple of weeks I was going around with people that invited me along with them and I thought I had friends and was fine. But now I'm really alone despite joining clubs, getting a job, trying to study in the lobby, etc. On top of it my social anxiety has gotten so much worse that it's really hard for me to talk to people let alone come out of my room. I'm afraid if I transfer I'll make it worse. Anyhow, thanks for making this, it helped a lot to see I'm not the only one
Makayla Samountry (2 months ago)
I'm so sorry you feel that way! I am always here if you want someone to talk to, Madison <3 I know that school can be tough, especially in Ohio (where i first went) so I get it!
Drew Orr (2 months ago)
+Makayla Samountry I have only a few friends that I hang out with,outside of class and extracurriculars. I sent a private message to someone I have class with saying that they are the type of person I am looking to become friends with,lmk when we could hang out. They responded “For sure”. Do you think that they are actually interested in hanging out sometime so we could eventually become good friends?
Makayla Samountry (2 months ago)
You'll probably never know until you two spend time together and see if youre platonically compatible? But that was very nice of them to say yes!
Nadda Mercernary (2 months ago)
im actually really terrified now because im starting community college
Makayla Samountry (2 months ago)
you'll be okay!! <3
Nadda Mercernary (2 months ago)
Thats necklace is so fucking cute
Makayla Samountry (2 months ago)
thanks so much girl!
Anantam Bisht (3 months ago)
And plus I don't feel like inviting myself, I want to but it hurts my self esteem and maybe I am egoestical but..
Anantam Bisht (3 months ago)
Damnn, I have friends but according to me they aare not that cool, and so I used to hover around , I have a group of ppl but since I didn't give them much time, the friendship and that spark is someway lost, I search for ppl who are cool, like me but I vibe with ppl who are honest, open and good,and I find cool ppl empty and shallow but still I want to be in the cool squad because they have like big group of people but still
Holy lolly (3 months ago)
It's been 1 months in college first year.... Still no friends I dont want any anyway lying I feel so bored in college
Makayla Samountry (2 months ago)
It's okay!! I actually made a list my first year of college called "what to do at college when you have no friends" and maybe i'll share it with you in a video!
Abigael Anderson (3 months ago)
I go to the college next door to my childhood home, which is so convenient and has saved me a TON of loan debt since my family can’t help me pay. I’ve have a great GPA and just started student teaching which I love! But truth? I hate this town, I hate my college, I have literally no friends and no interest in making any. There’s so much pressure in college to make friends and join clubs, but for me it just never clicked. A lot of that was because the time I tried I was shot down, discouraged by my family (sorority), and then after being assaulted and loosing the few friends I had in a two month period I just lost interest in being around anyone but my family. And that’s ok. College is not the end all be all, and it certainly isn’t “the best time of your life”. Honestly, I just can’t wait til I’m done and I can move somewhere new, get a job teaching high school English, and a cute little apartment for me and my pets.
Makayla Samountry (2 months ago)
Wow, you really show the true sides of college! thank you for sharing your experience and reasoning behind choosing the school that you did choose close to home. I agree with you that this totally isn't "the best time of your life" and I wish you nothing but the best in the future!!! I also can't wait to teach high school english :)
kevin (3 months ago)
Im a freshman and i've struggled making friends so far and I thought I had it bad you've had it way worse damn
Makayla Samountry (2 months ago)
Ratna Alia (3 months ago)
I relate about starting over. I started over to my 2nd university, i felt so left out knowing my old friends were going on 3rd semester while i'm going for 1st. I have no problem with the uni learning knick knacks bing bala bing bing, my first uni experience got me covered. But i can't relate towards all the freshly new graduates who explored every uni experience in 1st semester, which was like me in my 1st uni.
Makayla Samountry (2 months ago)
It can be difficult knowing your old friends are all on a different path than you are, but I'm proud of you for starting over and doing what is best for you!
Celtic Wind (4 months ago)
Wow.... I didnt think Id find someone so similar. Im also at my 3rd college now and took a bit to finally get going. I've lost my drive to make friends and currently am the same as you isolating and distancing myself from people. As you said its tough transferring schools and losing friends.
Celtic Wind (3 months ago)
+Makayla Samountry Its weird if you see someone and think wow they're attractive and nice they must be so popular when in reality it can be that exact opposite. But with an upbeat personality we should be fine once we get settled with a job and such. thanks for replying, hang in there yourself! On a side note since commenting I adopted a dog which helped a lot.
Makayla Samountry (3 months ago)
Just goes to show that you are never alone in whatever you're going through. Sorry to hear you are going through this, too, but we are so close to being done!
Lauren Watt (4 months ago)
I’m a freshman and it’s been like 2 months for me in college. I have no friends. I can’t do this for four years :((((. The only thing keeping me going is my Twitter friends and my upcoming concerts lol
Makayla Samountry (3 months ago)
Trust me, it's going to get better and easier to make friends! Freshmen year is a lot for everyone, and most of your freshmen year friends won't be your actual friends. there's this term called "First semester friends" where freshmen just cling to whoever they meet first and call them friends, until people start to get comfortable at a college and realize that those people may not actually be that compatible and find real friends. It'll get better, I promise!!
Aida Batres (4 months ago)
I can totally relate, my class didn't like me at all and it was super hard for me to make friends and to connect with people without feeling judged because I've been through some bullying experiences. I'm about to graduate and I still have no friends or boyfriend, sometimes I feel lonely but I've learned so much from myself and I don't regret it one bit. I hope things get better.
Aida Batres (3 months ago)
+Makayla Samountry thank you so much, you are so sweet. Hugs from Mexico. 🙋🏽‍♀️🤗😘
Makayla Samountry (3 months ago)
So sorry to hear you went through bullying and a tough time making friends without feeling judged! I totally relate about learning so much about yourself and that's something that I, too, am super proud of! <3
Ian Lira (4 months ago)
I feel the same I didn't make friends at middle school, I also had no friends in High School or college but hey I got use to be lonely I had to find away to not be bored thats why I write novels, weightlift, and boxing. But I did made one friend but my friend was like a brother to me its been 7 years and we still never fall apart
Makayla Samountry (3 months ago)
That's so awesome you found ways to keep yourself from boredom, that also fueled passions at the same time. That's very proactive of you!
Megan (4 months ago)
I've started college and am in the same situation. I miss my old friends. I got so upset thinking what had happened that I had very little friends. This has helped x
Makayla Samountry (4 months ago)
Happy this is helping <3
Jamie (4 months ago)
This video means so much to me! You put it all so eloquently and adding a language to this makes it... idk real, you know? I tried to focus on academics my first semester so I often felt I had to deny social outings at my first institution. I recently transferred to a new school and im trying to put more effort in making friendships but my social anxiety and shyness is def a barrier. Hearing other people be in a similar boat is so reassuring. Thank you sm! <3
Makayla Samountry (4 months ago)
So glad you found this helpful and relatable. Thank you os much for watching and it sounds like you understand what I am touching on in this video. Thanks again!
supDeny (5 months ago)
It feels great to know that I am not the only one who doesn't have friends in college. I'm currently a sophomore at a state university and the past two years i've been hanging out with a group of people that I thought actually cared about my well-being but didn't. This year I'm going to try to get into a fraternity just to meet some new people. I know it sounds very dumb of me to rush a fraternity but I think it will make my college experience better than what it is now.
Makayla Samountry (4 months ago)
I think getting into a fraternity to meet new people is a great idea and not dumb at all!!
CallMeMing (5 months ago)
Making friends in college can definitely be tough, especially when youre a freshman, I just dropped my first video on how to make friends if youre starting a new year :D
Makayla Samountry (5 months ago)
That's awesome!
Mikayla Besket (5 months ago)
The way you talk is so refreshing. I was friends with the "bad kids" so I'm the only one in college right now and I have to say, you speak so much more intelligent than they do and I just want one. Just one friend that's actually doing something with their life. Holy balls. Btw it's like super late and I was bummed I had no friends but this made me feel so much better because I know I'm not the only one. Thank you! ^-^
Makayla Samountry (5 months ago)
Oh my gosh you are the sweetest! Thank you so much for watching and leaving such a kind comment. I'm sorry you went through a hard time dealing with friendships, but I wish you nothing but the best!!
daniela Ortega (5 months ago)
I really needed this today, thank you
Makayla Samountry (5 months ago)
thank you for watching <3
Annabelle LaFond (5 months ago)
I went to a four year university, then community college, and now I’m a junior at NIU and this shit is HARD it was hard to make friends each time around
Makayla Samountry (5 months ago)
Literally exactly what I did!! Totally relate to the struggle
babyboyyui GT (5 months ago)
this happened to me on my last year of school...i moved house and school and it was so tough..i felt like doing something i shouldnt of thought about doing but i said like 5 words a day in school and its no joke.......it was so tough
Makayla Samountry (5 months ago)
sorry you had a hard time :/ just know you're not alone in that!
Kawabata Masashi (5 months ago)
Thank you for the video Makayla, I definitely feel related to what you had gone through. This is my 2nd year in college, and I feel lonely a lot of times. Outside of dorm, I say hi to lots of people and often people tell me "You know so many people!", but thats not true! Its soooooo hard to find a close friend at college, especially at a big school. So far, I haven't found a close buddy that I can talk about life. I wish I could someday. Anyway, your video helped me so much! Thank you!
Makayla Samountry (5 months ago)
Definitely know the feeling of knowing a lot of people but also feeling very alone. Thank you so much for watching <3
dudentp (5 months ago)
In my third year of college and ive also had to switch colleges three times and have 0 friends in real life, only on the internet. The school i go to now is huge so i think ill try joining some clubs. Its depressing seeing all the freshmen having so much fun with friend groups
Makayla Samountry (5 months ago)
Joining some clubs will definitely be a good move. And tbh, most freshmen friendships never last. It's just a mere "hi we're all here and have no friends let's be friends" thing. But best of luck with your third year!
Bliss Jaker (6 months ago)
Living 10mins away from college still makes you lonely
Sadie DC (6 months ago)
I'm going to be a college senior and have been a tranfer student for a year now. (I went to a different school a few years ago and then dropped out and went to community college). School this past year has been hard and stressful. Academics aren't bad, but I was super lonely. When March came, my roommate told me she didn't want to be friends with me anymore, so I moved to a room by myself in the dorm. It was hard being away from my bf, but it might be harder now since he's in the army. I'm trying to put my faith in God for this year and hopefully I can curb my anxiety. I appreciate your video. A lot of people talk about how much fun college is and the friends you'll make but don't mention the reality that college can be a lonely place.
Makayla Samountry (6 months ago)
I'm sorry to hear what happened, but it also sounds like you're very close to being done with college which is a good thing! Everything we go through is temporary. College can be 100% a lonely place, and it's important to shed light on that so others are aware and not shocked or confused as to what they're doing wrong if they also experience the same feeling at school.
Sadie DC (6 months ago)
My roommate was also manipulative and came in the room one time and yelled at me for being too quiet. But it's hard for me to make friends. All my friends at school were her friends, and they sided with her.
Kristy Phan (6 months ago)
Thanks for making this video. I feel like people are afraid to talk about not having friends or feeling lonely, so i appreciate you talking about a real topic .. I also went to 3 colleges and like you I realized friendships take a lot of work to build and they dont just happen like in high school. much love!
Makayla Samountry (6 months ago)
Thanks so much for watching and leaving such a supportive comment! Sounds like we have a few things in common during our college years ;)
dinesh palav (6 months ago)
This is very relatable. I am in my first year and I am really finding it very difficult to make new friends in college and now I am seeing that many students in my class have already made their own groups. So again it makes difficult for me to be one of them. And it makes me feel lonely. But I hope i get to find some new friends.
Grace Trimble (5 months ago)
I just started college and am having the same experience. What makes it worse is that everyone I see seems to always be with a large group of friends or at a party. My roommate already has a ton of friends and does to parties and I'm just sitting in my room.
Makayla Samountry (6 months ago)
I'm sorry you also have had a hard time making friends your first year, but just know it does get better and you will continue to meet new people as you grow/go throughout college!!
Eddie (6 months ago)
I go to college to do my work and get good grades. Making friends is meaningless to me.
Makayla Samountry (6 months ago)
Ernie (6 months ago)
I lived in a single dorm and didn’t make one friend. The two other rooms had groups of 2-3 living with them so I was never very comfortable talking with everyone (especially bc they knew each other all prior to college) I ate b fast lunch and dinner alone everyday until I eventually got so depressed I left and went to a commuter college
Makayla Samountry (6 months ago)
I'm sorry you had a tough time :/
Ernie (6 months ago)
I was a very social person as well, even offered my suite mates rides in the beginning but they never took one up
Joyce A (7 months ago)
Thank you for your comment
Joyce A (7 months ago)
Thank you.
Makayla Samountry (7 months ago)
Thank you for watching!
Larissa MacDougall (7 months ago)
I clicked on this video so hard because I literally though I was the only one who made no friends. My school is a party school and I hate drinking. I got kicked off the swim team 2 weeks before champs because I pulled a prank on girls that the team favorited over me and my friend. I don't know if I want to go there anymore or try it again next year. I'm literally considering moving halfway across the country to live with my dad so I can be happier and accomplish more!
Makayla Samountry (7 months ago)
I'm sorry you're going through this right now and I really feel for you! Honestly moving to be closer to your dad and to be happier doesn't sound like a bad idea at all
Mads V (7 months ago)
I am on my third day at university, and are struggling a bit. I am introverted and can't talk properly to new people.. I have friends in my home city, but I can't make any friends now. I just walk around in the breaks alone hoping the lectures will start again...
Mads V (7 months ago)
Ok thank you, it helped a little :)
Makayla Samountry (7 months ago)
It's okay, Mads, I promise it will get better! Also it's never a bad thing to be alone - especially in college, it's completely normal!
Matt Sarff (7 months ago)
Oh god i relate to this so much. I'm a transfer student from one big university to another and finding friends is not happening like I imagined.
Makayla Samountry (7 months ago)
yes it's soooo relatable glad to know it's not just me
Joyce A (7 months ago)
Joyce A-deg-bo-yega it was difficult for me also to make friends too. I hate my college because I could not study what I wanted to study and yes I me I need to work hard to being a better person and how I think about. I am a terrible person that doesn’t really know how to help another person even help myself I try to transfer out of my school but could not because I needed money. I do not work for my familyI have no job .
Makayla Samountry (7 months ago)
it's okay you can get through this!!
parnesian parrapio (7 months ago)
I’m about to enter my 3rd year of college and I STILL HAVE NO FRIENDS. It makes my college experience so boring 🙄
parnesian parrapio (7 months ago)
Makayla Samountry thank you dollface 💗 💗
Makayla Samountry (7 months ago)
Focus on yourself! This is your time to shine <3
Josephine De Smet (7 months ago)
so relatable!!!! I kinda want to make a channel about my experience with college or life in general but IDK if I should... and if I should make a separate channel for that from my music channel or not at all because maybe it makes my songs relatable
Josephine De Smet (7 months ago)
Makayla Samountry thank you
Makayla Samountry (7 months ago)
You definitely should!! My recommendation is always to create one main channel with diverse content to accumulate an eclectic audience and grow in size! But whatever works best for you :)
haleigh (8 months ago)
i'm a loner in community college.😝 i hate it.
haleigh (7 months ago)
Makayla Samountry thanks!! 🤗 i hope i make friends soon.
Makayla Samountry (7 months ago)
it's okay!! now is your time!
Viraj Agarwal (8 months ago)
I really like your content. I like the way you cut to the chase and ur frank. Ur content is really helping me applying to college. And you always have a friend in me. Cheers
Makayla Samountry (7 months ago)
Thank you so much, Viraj! I really appreciate that
Michelle Thomas (8 months ago)
Hi how are you Wow you look the type to have loads of friends and a party person.
Makayla Samountry (7 months ago)
Both not completely true
Sunny Vuong (8 months ago)
I have the same situation with you, I'm a straight A student with no friends at a WA Community College. I got admitted to UMN this Fall. Hope things get better!💕
Makayla Samountry (8 months ago)
Congrats on being admitted to the UMN and I hope it changes things for the better!
In japan people who have no friends are called bochi. They can't get jobs because of low communication skills.
M A (8 months ago)
You are not a lone, I have no friends in college.
M A (8 months ago)
Great video.
Makayla Samountry (8 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
M A (8 months ago)
glenda (8 months ago)
i relate so much
Makayla Samountry (8 months ago)
thank you for watching!
Shak Os (8 months ago)
I wish I knew you in college, I would definitely be friends with you. Of course your not perfect but you don't sound like the type of person to stick only with one clique or a "user". College is so rough.
Makayla Samountry (8 months ago)
And I definitely never stuck to one "clique" but was always a wanderer based on individuals and our connection :)
Makayla Samountry (8 months ago)
Thank you very much, I appreciate the kind words :)
Shak Os (8 months ago)
I'm entering my senior year in college and after 3 years and many failed attempts I can say that I still have no friends from college, just aquantinces and that's it. I just went to my sisters graduation and she had so many people coming up to her and hugging her people that were friendly with her friends and she was very close with them too and I'm wondering to myself I really don't have no one like that I don't want to go to my g graduation because I feel like I will embarrass myself being all alone it's so depressing I have no idea what to do
Lauren Watt (4 months ago)
let me tell you all my life making friends has been the hardest thing for me. i'm not good with social skills. i literally had no friends growing up and going through elementary, middle, and high school. i was so excited to go to college and have this whole new life, but now that it's a reality, i realize that i'll never be able to have or make any friends at all.
Stealth74u (4 months ago)
But I feel like this shit can be dangerous to your mind because the rejection can make you even more bitter when you see people having good friends around them while you have none. I can say for me, I made some good friends, but the problem is that they aren't always around me. So I feel kind of depressed sometimes because I'm like "ughhhhhhhh. I should be having the time of my life right now, but this stupid homework isn't going to get done by itself." I also study with acquaintances, but it's hard sometimes to turn them into true friends. Sure, there's potential, but it just takes time. Another thing too is that I burned bridges in friendships and here is why. My so called friends were really not compatible with my personality, and I felt that they were a little too extra for me in terms of partying, drinking, gossiping, and talking about shit I don't care for even when I try to act interested. So that kind of happens, you find people that don't vibe with your values
Stealth74u (4 months ago)
+Lauren Watt Get over yourself. Try 3 years full of rejection from others who don't want to be your friend to begin with. :(
Lauren Watt (4 months ago)
Shak Os I feel the same way, and I’m only a freshman. It’s been ~ 2 months :(((((
27 Dollars (4 months ago)
Shak Os Same. it’s okay you’re not alone buddy.🙁
sofia greaves (10 months ago)
My freshman year I was at community college. It was the best Academic decision I made for myself, plus i wasn't alone my best friend was with me. The goal was to transfer to my dream school, which is 5 hours away. I did, but i was finally on my own. I felt isolated my first semester bc I was in a freshman dorm, but the pool I related to most stayed off campus and I didn't have a car. So making friends as a transfer is really hard, I understand. Glad I'm not alone❤
Makayla Samountry (10 months ago)
So glad to hear your story and that you related to mine <3
Mary-Kate Sheerin (10 months ago)
I don't even have friends at home, honestly
Aida Batres (4 months ago)
#same i only have one best friend, no more friends
mouse 1 (5 months ago)
dude, I'll be your friend
s v (11 months ago)
I didnt have friends or relationships in high school and college so far.😭 I meet people in college but I haven't found a best friend. Definitely not a relationship
Corey Morton (11 months ago)
Yeeess Makayla snaps go to you!!
Makayla Samountry (11 months ago)
Snaps to you!!
Realist (11 months ago)
I feel like it’s hard to make friends at UMN.... 😐 everyone seems so pretentious and passive aggressive.
Realist (11 months ago)
Makayla Samountry True I guess...
Makayla Samountry (11 months ago)
It is a rather large school, if you put your best (confident) foot forward, you will find your people!
Parmesan (11 months ago)
Well, it feels nice knowing you're not alone :)
Josh Brown (1 year ago)
Thank you for the video! I'm currently a junior/sophomore. I have hardly any friends, and those that are "friends", I feel like we aren't close or growing if you know what I mean. Sometimes I over think that. I have trust issues when it comes to friendships. Also it's hard because of my depression (I feel like I'm not good enough to be someones friend) and social anxiety. Thanks
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
I totally relate to this more than you think, but know that friendships will emerge in its own time, and college is a great time to focus on yourself and learn how to be by yourself without feeling lonely!
RefractedSaint (1 year ago)
Hi Makayla, I'm Jon, I live in St. Paul MN right by the border of Minneapolis.
Berta axo (1 year ago)
I hope you do find friends that you relate to because in my opinion, putting all you efforts into one person (your bf) is such a scary and risky thing because if it falls apart, you won't have anyone you know what I mean?
Zeke Taylor (8 months ago)
happened to me...
Berta axo (1 year ago)
oh okok I'm glad then! I'm happy for you :)
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
That's sooo relatable. It can be really scary in the beginning, but I also think it's important to know how to spend time with yourself, too. I learned a ton in 2016 about being alone without being lonely, and I think that grounded me for my 20s, which I'm glad it did.
Amanda Swiftie (1 year ago)
I really appreciate this video. If I were to see you and not hear all of this, I would assume you were popular and like most of the people who hate me. So it's wierdly comforting to see someone I would consider so much better than me in a similar situation. I was always bullied in school, and started online high school because I had no friends. In 2015 I started at a small Christian college in Alabama where I don't fit in with anyone. I basically cheated my way through high school, so I was used to all A's and no work. I failed most of my classes in my first three semesters, and in spring 2017 my GPA was so low that I was on suspension. I came back last fall, I did pretty well, I made a friend, and finally became a sophmore. So now I'm in my fifth semester, still taking core classes. But I have social anxiety and haven't talked to my friend from last year yet. I feel like she doesn't like me anymore since she has new friends. Maybe I'm crazy though. But all I'm worried about is passing everything and figuring out what I want to do.
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
I'm happy you found my video. I'm so sorry to anyone that has bullied or been mean to you in the past, and I wish you nothing but the best with your college years! Reach out to your friend :) I'm sure she would love to hear from you and wouldn't turn down a chance to catch up!
Michayla Thielen (1 year ago)
This video, along with your video about transferring to three different schools, have helped me more than you know. I'm looking at transferring for the second time to a school about an hour and a half from the U of M!
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
So happy to hear that these have helped you!
Which UVM did you go to? :O
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
the twin cities!
Deyja Lakelle (1 year ago)
I’m glad I came across your channel because I felt like I was alone in this struggle. I transferred to my current school after spending three years at my previous college. It’s been really tough because I see people that came in together as freshman and are juniors and they’re all really close or they’re from around the same area. I just don’t fit in right now. Plus I’ve very soft spoken around new people so that’s my biggest obstacle. I hate that I’m still not adjusted after one semester.
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
It's totally okay and I felt the same way! Glad you found my channel, too.
Claire Qian (1 year ago)
Yes! I can relate to your trust issues when it comes to making friends SO much! Thank you for making this video
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
You're welcome!! I'm glad you watched/enjoyed!
Miss G (1 year ago)
This is so so relatable to me right now haha...I had (and still have) a great, tight knit group of friends in high school but in college it was completely different. I didn’t end up becoming close to any of my dorm mates in freshman year and I’m currently in my second year of college and I’m learning that it’s pretty hard to make friends in class. I joined a few clubs to make a couple friends but there’s no one I really talk to yet. My only friend so far really is my boyfriend. Thank you for making this video so all of us don’t have to feel so alone ❤️
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
Glad to know I'm not alone in this and that you can relate to my content! Friendships take time, and now, as a senior, I feel like I'm just now discovering my people!
Jonathan Zygmunt (1 year ago)
In addition, I don't go to parties to drink and do all of that because it's not an atmosphere I like. That seems to be a huge way people meet each other in college, and I just find it morally abhorrent. Clubs I've been in were boring and didn't have people I found much in common with either. It's been hard these past couple years, pondering if life has any meaning to it.
Esther - (5 months ago)
do you wanna be my friend?
Sakshi Pandey (10 months ago)
Jonathan Zygmunt you just spoke my mind💯
Jonathan Zygmunt (1 year ago)
Yeah I'm in my 2nd year of college, out of state public school that is 80% commuters. After some negative social experiences in HS, I decided to be more insular in order to not bother anyone else and give them their space. Because of this, I didn't reach out to anyone freshman year because I didn't want to bother them, and plus I'm a fairly private person. I've spent my time chilling in my room, watching sports and doing homework, and exercising fairly often. It's the second year and everyone has made their own friends. I like the peace and quiet at this school, but it's pretty lonely. There's few I've found here that I fit in with socially. It's just a weird life.
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing your experience!
Rebecca Clark (1 year ago)
I feel like I can relate I'm just a college freshman. I go to a large state university, and despite having a couple friends and even my sister there, I don't feel at place at all. Greek life is a huge thing there, but I just don't see myself fitting into it. Additionally I'm at a blank in terms of what my career path is, though I had an idea originally. Anyways, this video gave me hope for the future and I'm definitely subscribing and watching more :) thank you.
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
I'm sorry you're having a hard time adjusting your first year, it's all part of the process, I promise!! Greek life isn't for me either, but don't worry!! I swear it's going to get better in the years of college to come! Thank you so much for subscribing!!!
Lilly S (1 year ago)
I just found your channel and love it. I relate to this so much. I am a transfer student and am having a lot of trouble making friend and really just meeting people who are interested in the same thing I am. I am so the opposite of the “typical college student”. I study all the time and work hard to get good grades. It has been difficult for me to find people with the same ideas as me. I appreciate that you make the point that not everyone can jump into these things so easily. Keep doing what you do! You’re good at it! :)
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for watching and supporting my channel!! Glad to hear you could relate and wish you the best of luck with your college time!! <3
yungmatt009 (1 year ago)
I'm a freshmen currently and feel the same way. My suitemates are cool, but I don't enjoy the school. They're also sophomores so next year I'd be left alone. I plan to transfer but I'm kinda scared.
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
It's okay!! If you want to transfer, I recommend watching my other videos about transferring colleges and know that you aren't alone and it is totally okay and normal to feel this way.
Ryukenn Akuma (1 year ago)
I have to be honest Makayla that fake up doesnt suit you at all. I would love to see a video of you without fake up. I appreciate the true beauty of the human face any day over fake up aka man made nonsense exploiter of women industry.
Benjamin Martin (2 months ago)
If she likes it and she feels confident then let her be. It's not your choice what she should do
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
I vlog all the time on my other channel without makeup on! And if you watch my most recent vlog, I'm completely makeupless by the end, but all in all, it's my face and I'm doing me :)
Tayler Nicole (1 year ago)
Happy I found this! I also transferred a few times, now in my senior year and don’t have “close” friends. It’s hard to make friends when everyone else already has their own close group of friends. Literally did the same thing with tinder and met my boyfriend on there lol.
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing your similar story! I agree with how difficult it is to make friends after transferring but I'm glad you also found success on tinder!! <3
Alex Schaefbauer (1 year ago)
I relate to this so well. I’ve also been to three colleges. Had a horrible experience at my first one, transferred home to a community college and worked a lot. My first semester back home was also when I lost a close childhood friend to suicide. I’m a senior at Minnesota State Mankato now (Minnesota pride 🙌👊) and I’m hangin in there but, like you, I never really made any friends at college. Thank you for making this video, it’s really nice to have someone to relate to on such a difficult struggle.
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
Thank you for sharing your similar story about the college experience you had! I appreciate your watching my video :)
Britt Riley (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for this! Definitely been debating if I should switch universities and this has helped me a lot!! Keep posting1 :)
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for watching and supporting!! I'm glad to hear this has helped <3
Kylie Maxfield (1 year ago)
I found your video looking to see if someone else felt the same thing I'm feeling right now and it's really nice knowing I'm not alone. I'm currently about to finish my first semester at HSU and I've had so many moments where I've just wanted to completely give up. I don't feel connected to anyone here and, like you, when I first got here I almost immediately felt like this place wasn't for me. I plan to transfer closer to home, so-cal area, next year in hopes for a happier life. You've also really inspired me to re-start my youtube channel! I've been on youtube on and off for years but I think that in my loneliest and saddest times in college, focusing my energy on creating will help. And hopefully I'll be able to make some inter web friends along the way! Thank you so much for opening up about your college experiences, just knowing that I'm not alone in the way I'm feeling means the world and gives me hope in making in through this next semester.<3
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
That's awesome you found my video! When it was my first year and I was going through everything you're going through, it was a YouTube video that first showed me that it wasn't just me, that somebody else feels the same way out there, and it's all I could hope for by posting stuff like this. Wishing nothing but the best for you!! Also I hope you start posting more on your channel as you said because I just subscribed and love your content!! <3
Kkrraazzaa (1 year ago)
wow, your stuff is so relatable and i'm not even in high school yet. Like I am so done with everyones unsupportive bs.
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
aww thank you so much!! i'm glad you find this relatable despite not even being in college!
Angela Bowen (1 year ago)
Dude...same! No real friends, just people who would rather be with other people.
James (1 year ago)
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
ugh too relatable!
Yuan Q. (1 year ago)
You know, i just remembered how you took a year off and look at you now, still graduating on time! so proud of you! It really is hard sometimes to make friends in college. I remember I made a friend through orientation and we had classes together . I thought that we would be really good friends but we couldn't get pass the surface level of friendship. I thought I wouldn't make any friends and establish deeper level of connection in college. But to be honest, everything just takes time and you'll find the right people in life, whether it's in school or outside :)
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
Yes! it's crazy!! i will most likely graduate this summer but it's still amazing that I was able to keep up as much as I have :) Thank you so much, Yuan!! You are very right!
dorkly derk (1 year ago)
This is mad depressing...I dig it
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
just about two semesters!
dorkly derk (1 year ago)
How much longer you got at UM?
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
Vanessa Marie (1 year ago)
thank you for opening up about this. i can relate. it's nice to know i am not the only one going through this. im away at college, and it is very difficult. i feel very alone in my program. we should be friends hehehe
Vanessa Marie (1 year ago)
Makayla Samountry <3
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
You're welcome, Vanessa! i'm so glad to hear that you found this video helpful. I hope college becomes easier for you as time progresses :) and yes we should!
Chanse Adam (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for giving your insight on this subject. Your story is very similar to mine in that I've grown to be a very diligent and optimistic person. Thankfully I can get along with just about anyone. However, I have not been able to obtain any long lasting friendships in recent years. A number of people prefer to not to stay around for long. You're right, when we move onto different phases in life it's difficult to stay in touch with people. Like yourself, I've alternatively devoted a lot of energy towards my hobbies/passions as well as my relationship since he could be considered the best friend I've been looking for. Let's hang in there, Makayla! I'm confident we are on the right track towards our development and personal gain.
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
You're so welcome! I'm glad to hear you found this relatable and enjoyed watching :) It's a great trait to have to connect easily with just about anyone! I hope your energy put into your passions lead to great accomplishments later on in life, as well as close relationships!
Mariah Kay (1 year ago)
I really relate to this!! Having a similar story to you, I transferred from Normandale to the U after my first year and so that made it harder to find friends because everyone seemed to already have friend groups. Also, living at home and commuting was another thing that made it harder to hang out with people outside of class. I didn't have a dorm or on-campus apartment to go back to that I can easily invite people over. I live 25-30 minutes away from campus...so yeah, tricky. Luckily I did make a couple of good friends through out school that I still see! I thought I would make a lot more friends and have a friend-group that I really feel apart of, but that's just how it turned out in my case. I'm a natural introvert as well, so that's another thing that can be challenging in making friends. I have to really try and plan social events. However, through all this, I've learned that I need to put more effort into friendships and attend more social events...hehe. It's never too late to make new friends!!
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
Yes! We have very similar stories, Mariah! I totally relate to not being able to host friends or easily head over to a friend's place when we commute so far from campus. I'm glad to hear you made a handful of good friends during your time at the U, and it's been great to hear what you've learned!
Manoek van Vlimmeren (1 year ago)
I actually relate to this so much ! I'm in my second year of college and I don't really have any friends, yes I have people in my class that I talk to or have a laugh with but I don't hang out with them after school. This has different reasons, one being that a lot of the people in my college live in the city I go to college at so they can easily hang out and go to parties and stuff while I still live at home. The other thing is definitely something I'm working on but basically I've had a lot of toxic friendships in my life and at a certain point I was just so done I put up walls and became too afraid to let new people in, scared of them hurting me. This sucks really bad because I'm actually quite a social person and I love meeting new people. So when I went to college I was like: "What's the point?" and I just stuck with my group of friends from highschool/elementary school. But I'm trying to open up more and let people in and try to get out more and put in an effort. But I also don't get upset when I don't make friends because it's okay, I have my friends from back home(even though it might not be a lot of people, I love them to death) and I have my online friends that I love so much.
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
I'm glad to hear you're trying to open up more and invite people in! Who knows what this will lead to! I hope new friendships are coming your way, Manoek :)
taranicole (1 year ago)
Yess I totally relate to this! The biggest thing I've realized this first quarter in college is that relationships take time! I'm super grateful I know a girl from my high school & home church that also goes to my school so I have someone, but it's just weird going from high school where you know your friends so well to college where it's a completely blank slate and no one knows anyone! You actually have to take initiative and initiate new friendships which is super hard, especially for me who's more of an introvert.
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
It's so true! I'm glad you have someone from your hometown to help as you adjust to this new time i your life, best of luck building new relationships!
Samantha Ramirez (1 year ago)
Hearing this makes me feel like I can relate to you on a bad note...except this is high school. I feel like the “friend group” I’m in only talks to me when they need something. I transferred high schools my sophomore year and lost touch with my so called friends at my old school. Many times I do wonder when I’ll find a group of friends that actually care about me. The reason why I say this is because they all go out and never invite me or I never cross their minds. They also have the nerve to post things on Snapchat. But then I just keep in mind that everything will be okay.
Makayla Samountry (1 year ago)
I'm sorry you're going through this during high school. I hope college is a time for you to find greater friendships in your life :) Are you able to be the invitee and invite them to hang out if you feel like they never invite you? Sometimes it's about balance, but i also know that it's much harder said than done,a s I am the same way, too!! Seeing your friends post outings/hangouts on social media without you is seriously THE WORST!
Cris Garcia 6 (1 year ago)
Making friends is okay. But Not everyone that I made friends in high school will go to a college that I go to. I made friends in class by working in groups. Making friends also does help work together. But by the way, we are not alone. Your content is always the best. I love to make content. I also like to make friends on YouTube.

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