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Where Do You Find Love-Clara Van Wel

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New Zealands Got Talent winner Clara Van Wel releases a single of here winning song "Where Do You Find Love".
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Text Comments (15)
Russell Gray (3 days ago)
Beautiful song. What has happened to her since 2013?
Valerie Selau (5 years ago)
Sure, I agreed. I wish that:)
Tara Swift (5 years ago)
Wow how old is she?
Valerie Selau (5 years ago)
she got a big voice right now. I'm a big fan because she has a best talent ever! Keep listening this in 2013!
Lily Bud (5 years ago)
I think clara is amazing!! she has sooo much talent and deserves it totally im a huge fan!
stivon32 (6 years ago)
This is the best song I ever heard, u deserved it to win nzgt and that's y I vote for u Keep it up..
rata fergiedodd (6 years ago)
How old is she?
Alia Smith (6 years ago)
Grace Emily (6 years ago)
she is such an awesome singer she really deserved winning nzgt
gabby king (6 years ago)
this is perf xx
Emma Rennie (6 years ago)
this song is so cool congratulations
MollyMae Horan (6 years ago)
True kiwi <3
Lolscrew Mo (6 years ago)
Yeah what do you need help with?
Nicole Taylor (6 years ago)
she is so good :D
Holly stephens (6 years ago)
can you please make a karaoke of this!!!!
Janelle Beamish (6 years ago)
like if you voted for her ;)

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