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Single Parents Short Film (2016)

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(Single Parents) (SHORT FILM) tag/share with someone who can relate A short film showing a glimpse of what its like to raise kids on your own. No matter what happened that caused a parent to have to raise there child or children alone it happens way too often . It's a day to day struggle and some parents do it while working multiple jobs having to call off work because of a child is mis behaving or sick doctors appointments countless birthdays holidays doing it all on their own I Salute those who make it through the struggle staying strong through the hardest of times because times do get hard... But your efforts do not go un noticed... If you are a SINGLE parent Mom or Dad or have been one at any point in time .. I salute your efforts...
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Chrissy Talks (25 days ago)
This made me cry.
Johnell Denise (1 month ago)
Married men aren’t faithful either
Jay Wreckx (2 months ago)
It makes no sense to have a child without 2 parents, the reality is when a man lays down with a woman it's 2 out comes she gets pregnant man goes about his business bottom line no man that is a ladies man is ever going to settle for one woman just line a prostitute isn't gonna stop fucking just because she is in a relationship common sense fam logical common sense
TrucketteTV MsMac (2 months ago)
Of course she a single parent. This mother mates with a black man. (As you can see the kids are biracial with curly hair) . The mother thought her light skin would lock a bm down.
~for everyone saying that single parents are sluts or need to get abortions should read this~ my mum is a single mum with 3 kids (19 year old boy and 17 year old twin girls ) my brother and sister are both autistic I'm not she is also disabled herself. she is a very good mother actually.it IS something to be proud of because it means you are strong. my mother was married but her and my father divorced when I was 7 because he was an abusive alcoholic he abused my mum and us an we never want to see him again. he also spent all of our living money on alcohol so we never had money for food. not everyone sleeps around and gets pregnant and it is something to be proud of so stop with the bullshit and ignorance. you obviously have both parents and have never experienced this therefore you have no say in the matter.
Hayley Gilbert (3 months ago)
I don't understand why single parents can't just get married again so they won't be in poverty.
Darth Ur (1 month ago)
Because not many people are dumb enough to marry a single parent. They don’t want to deal with the long list of complications that come with single parents
L Taylor (3 months ago)
No thank you... I could do it one day, maybe two...tops!
Wow why would you say miss daddy such a deadbeat? 🤦🏾‍♀️ Even if he is your child should never hear it. It’s not healthier for her. But, kudos to you for making this video
Jay Wreckx (2 months ago)
Man she knew Craig wasn't shit She just wanted some sense of control or entitlement, she a fucking kid herself
McDorable (4 months ago)
I just don’t see how a single parent can have 1 child, realize it’s the hardest sh*t to do in life then go and have ANOTHER one out of wedlock! That’s what boggles my mind about single parents the most.
Helen Hines (7 months ago)
1:36 it all makes sense now! Mom has the mindset of an infant herself. Why else would you have babies out of wedlock? What were you thinking having one right after the other without a decent man around? Toddler seems to have adjustment issues, feeding off mom's tension or resentment maybe?
April June (2 months ago)
Lol judgemental much bitch? Why do you think you're the most perfect person walking on this planet? I'm sorry to break it to you but you're not. I know someone who is a single mom and she's a damn good mom.
Helen Hines (3 months ago)
+Jeonghan’s judging face, I truly am sorry your mom chose a "bad" guy. She made a stupid decision like we all have, but those choices aren't admiral. Single moms generally made bad choices and that's why they're in their position. I'm not prefect by any means but when it came to bringing children into my life I was very cautious. I've been with my husband for a decade and we had our first almost 3 years ago so I gave myself plenty of time to know the man I was with (thankfully I met him at 19 so I didn't have biological pressure). He's kind, generous, and provides unconditionally. I knew he would be stable enough to have a family with. His deepest wish was to be a dad. We struggled with infertility for two years and decided we'd stay together even if we couldn't have children. I've dated troubled druggies and trust me when I say that I was hypervigilent about birth control. Those guys couldn't commit to a part time job or dinner plans let alone parenthood. I avoided getting pregnant by a loser by using common sense (taking my pill everyday and using a barrier method). I was also a very reckless drug user at the time so I really don't understand why it's so hard it is to avoid pregnancy. I don't think single moms are bad people or set out to intentionally harm their children,it's but their choices negatively affect their kids. If they had restraint and rationally evaluated their partners they'd hopefully realize that they're not going to be an intact couple for long and having a baby with that guy isn't wise. I don't buy into the whole single moms are selfless martyrs narrative bc unless her man suffered a brain injury and completely changed or he was a really really convincing sociopathic liar, she knew who he was or she jumped the gun before knowing him.
my mum is a single mum with 3 kids (19 year old boy and 17 year old twin girls ) my brother and sister are both autistic I'm not she is also disabled herself. she is a very good mother actually.it IS something to be proud of because it means you are strong. my mother was married but her and my father divorced when I was 7 because he was an abusive alcoholic he abused my mum and us an we never want to see him again. he also spent all of our living money on alcohol so we never had money for food. not everyone sleeps around and gets pregnant and it is something to be proud of so stop with the bullshit and ignorance. you obviously have both parents and have never experienced this therefore you have no say in the matter. and how old are you because you seem like an adult yet you're acting like a child.
1-UP (3 months ago)
+Helen Hines My best friend married a guy who she thought were the love of her life. The marriage started off good and went down hill after they had their first child her husband was cheating on her and wasn't attending to their child. When they get into fights he claims the child isn't his and how much he did not want kids when he gets upset at her. She divorced him after 3 years later and he still isn't there for his child
Helen Hines (3 months ago)
+1-UP, it shows an iota of responsibility and planning instead of just having a baby daddy. Yes, marriages end in divorce quite often but there's a safeguard for children of married parents. It at least shows intention of staying together for the welfare of the kids produced in the union. Research shows over and over how negative fatherlessness is. If women just didn't choose bad men (immature, irresponsible, commitment-phobic, abusive, addicted, don't want kids, etc...) and didn't chase the good ones away, most single moms wouldn't be in their predicament.
Onikah Campbell (9 months ago)
Any way where is the dad
L Taylor (3 months ago)
50/50 Jail/Prison or deceased
Sharee Latrice Murphy (4 months ago)
With the new baby mom
serisher (8 months ago)
Onikah Campbell probably out there making a new family... My Dad didnt waste anytime after my parents divorced to get a new wife and family. He forgot all about us. I was raised by my Mom who is my Hero. I am very proud of her and proud to be her daughter. Most women can be mothers but it takes a Bad ass mom to be a Dad too! Thank you Mom!!!
Brinee Garner (9 months ago)
This is a stupid video and it way more to it than this I have four children and a husband but he work full-time 6 days a week and most of the time I m alone with them. I was a single parent before I remarried and it is very difficult
Shaun Fitt (9 months ago)
Brinee Garner thanks for the feedback all response are appreciated positive and negative.. ❤
addict_ car69 (10 months ago)
All of those people are losers who have made wrong choice of people .
Pollyanna Light (10 months ago)
Toddler has no words and she was crossing the street by herself 😭😢. Beautiful, beautiful babies. Sad, sad, sad. Where's pappy.
Felicia Phillips (3 months ago)
I noticed she's paying the younger one attention over the toddler
PattiE caKes (8 months ago)
Pollyanna Light she didn't cross the street by herself
Vizun IP (1 year ago)
cute kids
Calvin Abrams (1 year ago)
Some of these women are full of bs.its everybody fault but they own.stop fucking for free,an charge some of these men.
Southern MamaBear (1 year ago)
Shit does just happen...fell in love with who he pretended to be. Then the mask fell off & it was too late...mofo literally tried to kill me, right in front of my kid. So now I’m a single mom just trying to give my kid the best life I can. No idea where he is & he’s skipped out on child support bc he’s too worried about buying shit like a PS4. Livin under the radar. Rent & bill free. I don’t think I can ever trust a man ever again so it’s just us against the world.
Calvin Abrams (1 year ago)
Sharon Knowles i respect that sis✌
Sharon Knowles (1 year ago)
Calvin Abrams OK it not that we are fucking for free we fall in love with there dad and things just happened I did not choose to be single but he choose to go his own way but he do help me with the kids
Billy Goats (1 year ago)
Single parents are garbage. The best solution is to abort the damn kid
BEGONETHOT (10 days ago)
Billy Goats you could die from abortion though
+Jasmine Federico oI was going to say that you beat me to it.
Your an ass hole.
Hippie2MARS (5 months ago)
You Are So Fucked Up
Jasmine Federico (6 months ago)
You should’ve been aborted bitch.
Sharon Milling (1 year ago)
Nobody chose to be a Single Parent. Most of the time it is due to a partner either cheating or couples just not getting on. This list goes on. I am a single parent with 2 children aged 17 and 5. Its the hardest thing raising children alone. This short film is the story of my life!!!
+Help Me don't get what?
Help Me (27 days ago)
+unapologeticwhiteman Winner but people complain all the time about how hard it is
+tauresa ttauresa LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. I'm sure you are a mental health professional LOL LOL. Just like I stated before. No logic just shaming tactics to try and marginalize LOL LOL LOL. Everything I stated is facts and your ego like most women's will not let you believe your vagina loses value with age and other factors like having multiple sexual partners and or having bastard children by said sexual partners.
tauresa ttauresa (29 days ago)
+unapologeticwhiteman Winner you proved my point so well. You need medical attention NOW. Seek a good psychiatrist to help you sort out your unhinged life, eventually you might feel better.
+tauresa ttauresa LOL thank you for showing your complete lack of logic or reason. Just like everyone who is destroyed by facts you go straight to shaming tactics LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL. Let me save you the trouble sugar britches... Shaming tactics don't work on me LOL LOL LOL LOL. You women have used it so much it has lost any value LOL. Now I don't think anyone expects anyone to be a virgin when they marry today. And no where did I state that, but no guy wants a girl with 100,000 miles on the odometer either. Nor does he if he tells the truth want a woman with children from another man. Now I am a man so I have been turned down a few times, and I have done the turning down as well. However I have reached that awesome point in my life that I simply don't care about female validation and if I end up alone with my hand "to use your words" LOL LOL, it is by design. I love me some me LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL.
Angel Messtanoffski (2 years ago)
Being a single parent should never be something to be proud of and is not fair to any child in this world to not be raised by the two people that made them! PS This video should be re-titled to "How the common western parent lives"
+Alicia Marie thank you. ❤
Shat up. Being a single parent is usually done because some of are not putting up with shit dished out to us.
Toby Czarny (6 months ago)
I was raised by my mother alone, and I could not be more proud of her. She sacrificed everything so that I could succeed, and because of her tireless work and love, I feel much more value towards hard work, and not feeling sorry for myself. You can't generalize such a broad issue. You can't label all scenarios based on stats. While, many single parent households are dysfunctional (which is obvious, due to lack of resources), not all of them are.
Vizun IP (1 year ago)
point taken
Alicia Marie (1 year ago)
Being a single parent is something to be proud of, proud of all the work you put to those children on your own. Seeing them accomplish everything and knowing you are the one who planted that seed. I'm sorry we don't pride marriages of 25-30 years were the man abuses and forces the woman, or were the couple is forced to be together even though the love is long gone. So I will say I'm proud to be a "westerner" and proud of all the single ,others and fathers
Paul Reed (2 years ago)
i am a single dad too 51 years old with two daughters aged 6 and 7 yes man so hard people dont under stand the real concept of being a single parent. after leaving a abusive mother. respect
Paul Reed God bless you sir
Jala Mcbryde (6 months ago)
Bob Bobbalina as another human, telling someone else what they should have done only shows your a following of the standards of this world. God gives us the desires of our hearts if he sees fit. Hopefully you will elevate out of that simple basic mindset one day. Bless you
Bob Bobbalina (9 months ago)
Paul Reed Why would you have children at your advanced age ? That's unfair to the kids ! I am a 53 yr old married father of 2 ! Had a vasectomy when my daughter was 4 ! No man should be fathering kids past 40 ! You people are irresponsible !
Sabinah Steven (11 months ago)
Paul Reed ..that good of you taking care of your children
TheVra25 (2 years ago)
I am 53 years old and I have been a single father for 9 months three children two daughters one son Aegis - 2 + 3 + 5 I'll make a long story short mother was abusive the children there was a fourth child she has been sent to her father's house to stay with who has custody of her is she can only have supervised visits with my children she can only call them and that's it I am finding out how hard it is to be a single father at my age with such very young children yes it can be hard but I am enjoying every minute of it I will ensure everyone I will be very selective when I start to date again and as for the young lady in this short film I salute her I do know what she's going through keep up the good work
Vizun IP (1 year ago)
hopfully you ll live long

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