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The Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love? (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Where Is The Love?. (C) 2003 Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records A Division of UMG Recordings Inc. #TheBlackEyedPeas #WhereIsTheLove #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo
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Sammy Del rosario (21 minutes ago)
Classic 👌🏼 #Team2019
Booshank23 (22 minutes ago)
Oh wow, when you're letting a playlist autoplay and then a song you haven't heard for 10+ years comes on and takes you completely by surprise, forgot it existed, yet it was such a huge hit at the time of it's release. Spine tingled for some reason and I wasn't as hot about this song as other people, but it is very reminiscent of the time - I guess that is what did it, memories and a faint feeling of another time flooding back. A more innocent one yet that innocence in danger, precariously balanced when things felt like they could go either way, a few years before social media and smartphones changed the world and nobody was really prepared for it or saw it coming. We went down the wrong road.
Joshua Gerola (1 hour ago)
Can someone bluetooth me this song?
Ruan Ferreira (2 hours ago)
O tema dessa música é o sexo meu "irmão", mas não pode, se esquecer de usar a proteção. Pra tu deixar as "mulhé" molhadinha, tu tem que conhecer os tipo de camisinha. Lubrificado ou não, pra mim tanto faz o que importa é fazer elas pedirem mais. As mulhé que eu conheço eu como no mesmo dia camisinha preferida é sabor de melancia, de melancia elas adoram vo fala pra tu, se não aguenta na "buceta" vo mete no teu cú. Quando o assunto é sexo, não fico enrolando a mulher gosta de camisinha de morango. O sabor não importa não faz diferença, mas tem que ser com camisinha pra tu não pegar doença. Elas saem correndo querendo "dá" pra você camisinha de chocolate com recheio de pavê. Tu tá com a cocota? Tá meio enrolado? Lança a camisinha de leite condensado. A cocota tá nervosa! Faz ela se acalmar, lança a camisinha de maracujá. Encharcando as cocota até de manhã quero vê quando eu lançar a camisinha de maçã Pra trepar comigo tem que ter disposição agora eu tô usando camisinha de limão. Já comi a tua prima agora eu quero a tua irmã com ela eu vô usar camisinha de hortelã. Pega no meu pau e chupa minha bola, não podemos esquecer da camisinha de amora! É nois... Camisinha tem que ter não pode esquecer é coisa essencial na hora de meter. De trás, de lado, seja como for, use sempre camisinha de sabor. Sexo é bom de baixo de chuva metendo gostoso com camisinha de uva. No meu quarto entra de roupa e sai pelada hoje eu vou usar camisinha de goiaba. Meu pau você chupa e minha bola você beija, que tal usarmos camisinha de cereja? Peço pra comer teu cú você diz nem rola, só se for com camisinha de acerola. Eu meto em você e você fala me bate, amanhã nós vamos ter camisinha de abacate. Eu meto em você até você cair, camisinha potente é sabor de abacaxi. Sei que tu se amarrou na minha sabedoria, estudo aprofundado no sabor da camisinha, no sabor, no sabor da camisinha. Como é que é? Camisinha tem que ter não pode esquecer, é coisa essencial na hora de meter, de trás, de lado, seja como for, use sempre camisinha de sabor!
That One Guy (3 hours ago)
Where is the love?
Law Trix (4 hours ago)
The world changed so much so is the music and it’s getting bad the people dont talk to each other anymore there are no groups of kids riding bike on neighborhoods but kids in their home playing their xboxs and most of all The vibes of music is different old music use to have this good vibes feel refreshing todays music is just empty no emotion in it
Captain Teddy (4 hours ago)
It's been 10 years and we still can't find the love
M. Hernani (5 hours ago)
la diferencia de este año con el año en que salió la canción es la siguiente: 2003: "seamos unidos, no nos discriminemos los unos a los otros, todos somos uno" 2018. "YA CULPA LA TIENE EL HOMBRE BLANCO!!!!!!" una pena antes se cantaba por la unión, hoy por la desunión
Ruth Alcantara (5 hours ago)
Where is the ❤ 2019 ??
Vextor (6 hours ago)
Literally my first time listening to this song in 6 years and know every single lyric
christian naranjo (6 hours ago)
Father help us we need you more than ever
leonardo carrasco (6 hours ago)
Really this song can have dislikes??? Where is the love?
MJ (6 hours ago)
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watcharin saetun (8 hours ago)
คนไทยมากองตรงนี้ 2019
Shaved Cats (9 hours ago)
1:38 no way that kids playing postal 2
QUAG (10 hours ago)
2069 anyone? We still have not found the love man!
Charly Bouya (10 hours ago)
L'amour se trouve dans le coeur et d'autres humains n'ont pas ce coeur De Dieu. THE BEST SONG FOR LIFE #2019 Where is the love ?
marco fava (11 hours ago)
One of the all time greats
Callum Clayson (12 hours ago)
Where is the love? Oh yeahhh, it’s over the wall
Michael Patske (12 hours ago)
1:50-2:30 cuz people got me questioning.......
Weider Ferreira (12 hours ago)
Muito top!!18/02/2019 Brasil
kane inaissa (13 hours ago)
Senegal 2019 ..where is the love?
luis ramos (14 hours ago)
hey weyes a quienes los mando el profe roni :v
Urania Santos (14 hours ago)
Brasileiros?! ❤️❤️
Alessandro Innocenti (15 hours ago)
The Love is here.
Сер Чур (16 hours ago)
Я го вами 1000 2 на Булл
JayNean Cornelius (16 hours ago)
Father, father, father help us
Patricia Carrasco (16 hours ago)
2019 Ecuador
EPHIC Panama (17 hours ago)
Always loved the song but you know what I saw today in 2019? The Hypocrisy. How many blue eyed blonds did you see there? How many whites in general. In a country that still have a big white majority it's total discrimination. And I guess that if I check on every other video I will find the same. Shame on creating the hate and division against the whites.
Suthi chatplum (18 hours ago)
2_0_1_9 💋❤
Aidan Secord (18 hours ago)
I love u guys so much and this is my favourite song
DreamUnionBeats (18 hours ago)
1:37 hell i know this game they play, do you know the name of it ??? :DD
Gwen Baetiong (18 hours ago)
What's with the question mark?
Alan Samuel (19 hours ago)
Even now this song is relevant, it will be forever and it's the only time I ever felt sad saying this.
Rahmat Zakariah (19 hours ago)
Indonesia kontol
Gurl B (20 hours ago)
Gurl B (20 hours ago)
Gazelle Kahalan (21 hours ago)
2019 💚 🇵🇭
Momo Channel (22 hours ago)
2019 here
Joey Kenney (22 hours ago)
Father father father humbug. Send some guidelines up above!
Tirsa ten Napel (22 hours ago)
A beutiful song!!❤😃
MBoostie (22 hours ago)
My racist/ bigot dad told my 11 year old biracial (Hispanic/Caucasian) daughter that she could only be friends with my coworkers son whom is African American. He told her she can't date him, that races can't mix. I am so grateful he has no control in her life. What the fuck is wrong with him?!?! She knows God loves everyone. She also knows her parents tell her to love whom ever she wants to love regardless of race or religion. #onelove
Albert Felizardo (23 hours ago)
Angola 🇦🇴
Albi Scragg (23 hours ago)
Damir Tillaev (23 hours ago)
2019 Kyrgyzstan
midoriya izuku (23 hours ago)
TheDream (1 day ago)
Syam Arivin (1 day ago)
Dimana cint???? Im bukan minoritas!!!
Roylee Awesome (1 day ago)
TheDream (1 day ago)
where is the love ❓❓❓
The Return to God (1 day ago)
Most underrated song of all time. Why do you think they don’t play it much anymore? Listen to every word, can’t say it better, apparently. ❤️ I didn’t turn the other cheek, did all I could do. But people choose to ignore too much.
Plien (1 day ago)
Just heard today that Justin Timberlake sings the chorus! When you know, you hear it straight away 😆❤️
aka ian (1 day ago)
Playing this song for years and it never gets old
ian rozonero (1 day ago)
where is the love..😢
Piano Impro (1 day ago)
Happy 10 years 👏🏻 🎉
Piano Impro (2 hours ago)
Miguel Boisvert oh
Miguel Boisvert (10 hours ago)
Piano Impro boy released in 2003
Luciana Gómez (1 day ago)
Por DIOS eso era música
Vanilla Creampuff (1 day ago)
Where is my love at???
Juan Garcia (1 day ago)
Cailyn Edgington (1 day ago)
My Aunt Kelly played this son and I immediately fell in love with it💕
Old memories come back to my mind when I listen this song, when I was 24 old years. I love it
Katie Miller (1 day ago)
Spot on guys x❤💚💙💜
Lucasz pv (1 day ago)
BEP keep on spreading LOVE thru the world ❤
sloppy toppy (1 day ago)
That last verse 😥👏👏💯💯👌
Melina Diaz (1 day ago)
2019 soy de 🇦🇷
Gwen Baetiong (1 day ago)
Omg this is posted on the perfect year and was posted before my Birthday!
Edwardian (1 day ago)
Nothing's changed in fact it's gotten worse and it's fuckin disgusting
Batuka Maagaa (1 day ago)
2019.02.18 great song.mongolia
sapuro juda (1 day ago)
Stop stop now stop showing hatred and show love
Linda e retrata a realidade da humanidade....
Hazel Torres (1 day ago)
Why is this song describing today’s world
Jee. Oof (1 day ago)
2018 ❤️🌹💞🎶🎧
pause on 0.17 LOL
Sachin Rao (1 day ago)
From my humps to where is the love, black eyed peas have it all
Hari RAHARINOSY (1 day ago)
best song ever,timeless, still in....
Josiah Cottier (1 day ago)
*10 years later* Love has not been found
Jefer 17 (1 day ago)
*like 2019 & coment 🔥🔥🔥🔥*
등푸른고등어 (1 day ago)
I dont know neither, maybe thats a reason why i am single
foxoy gt (1 day ago)
where is the real love acctuly.
Jaga (2 days ago)
jonh wiki (2 days ago)
Bom dmais
Krlos Jhonny MC (2 days ago)
I love you Music
itsmeh lalahley (2 days ago)
ZecaOfficial (2 days ago)
Os portugueses onde estão?? PORTUGAL 💕
Davide Volpi (2 days ago)
My cousin is smoll
Davide Volpi (2 days ago)
Who is cousin
Renebie Ocang (2 days ago)
I love black eyed peas.. I'm the number one fan here in Philippines of black eyed peas
Go Yo (2 days ago)
reuben favour (2 days ago)
Any One Here, 2019????
Kelly W (2 days ago)
This song still relates to this day and will always ❤️
Natalya Khairudin (2 days ago)
Frik. I’m about to cry.
maria m (2 days ago)
*where is the love* ??
Queenie Velez (2 days ago)
queensabel019.... My IG
Mika S (2 days ago)
欅あー (2 days ago)
高校の授業で聴いて興味を持ちました。 もともとラップには興味がなかったけれど、曲調にも歌詞にも惹かれました。 This is very wonderful tune!
Hernan Esparza (2 days ago)
On this day. Feb 15, 2019😘
Annaïs YAPO (2 days ago)
10 years 😍❤️✨
Ilia Graneros (2 days ago)
Uno de los mejores tema es este😍

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