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SYML - Where's My Love (Acoustic)

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SYML - Where's My Love (Acoustic) For lyrics turn on captions (CC) or look in the description! Some of my favorite songs on Spotify :) https://spoti.fi/2LmT7JR ❖ IndieAir https://www.instagram.com/indieairyt/ Facebook: https://facebook.com/IndieAirYT Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/indieairyt Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ndieir For the best in EDM and chill: https://www.youtube.com/wavemusic ......... ❖ SYML https://www.facebook.com/SYMLMUSIC http://www.symlmusic.com/ https://play.spotify.com/artist/6AyATGg7mDgBlZ4N5uNog0 https://twitter.com/SYMLMUSIC ......... ❖ Lyrics: Cold bones, yeah that's my love She hides away, like a ghost Does she know that we bleed the same? Don't wanna cry but I break that way Cold sheets, but where's my love? I am searching high, I'm searching low in the night Does she know that we bleed the same? Don't wanna cry but I break that way Did she run away Did she run away, I don't know If she ran away If she ran away, Come back home Just come home I got a fear, oh in my blood She was carried up into the clouds, high above If you're bled I bleed the same If you're scared I'm on my way Did you run away Did you run away, I don't need to know If you ran away If you ran away, come back home Just come home .........
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Text Comments (3755)
Fucked_Up_ Kid (3 hours ago)
So. I was thinking of my first love during this song, so here's a letter to him. Dear Mason, I hope You're doing well. I Know it was just 6th grade but. You helped me through so much u will never know about. If I saw u again I would probably punch ya though. For leaving me crying in a hall way. Yea that wasn't fun. Me and faith broke off our friendship, But that's complicated. But I hope ur good. I'll never forget u. And I hope u never forget me. Even though it was just a silly "crush". ( I'm using my fucking deadname for this cause I'm dedicated ;-; ) ~ Hannah
anass soussi (3 hours ago)
this music is my therapy
` aesthetic tae (5 hours ago)
Vengo por el au ahre
moonpookie (8 hours ago)
My divorce..I left him... This song pulls me into his world in my mind..sadface
Bts Army247 (11 hours ago)
I wish I could disappear forever 😔I don’t want to be here no more
Allie Tomatoz (15 hours ago)
This kinda sounds like the icelandic singer Asgeir
Simo bonni (20 hours ago)
does this song have the copyright?
emilymay yates (1 day ago)
oh my god. is this what heartbreak sounds like?
Lil peep love (1 day ago)
It's amazimg. OMG i in love. They music is.. very...very...BEAUTY! I from Poland 💗 Love you
Mannie (2 days ago)
I can't help listening this song again and again. I'm in love with his magnificent voice. There's so much energy in this work. Very good song for daydreaming.
Scarlet Simone (2 days ago)
guys! if you all like this song, look up there alternate version of it. it is amazing!
JimochiX (3 days ago)
I love the background so much you don’t even know
Ahmed Yahya (3 days ago)
Aruba Muhammad (3 days ago)
the live version of this song is ASDFGHJKL.
World Of Art (3 days ago)
stay 😔
voldemort (3 days ago)
I tought that that sounded familiar
Itz Leah (4 days ago)
5k like this so much that they turned their phone upside down and liked it again
Kieran 17 (4 days ago)
Ngl I prefer the alternate version. This hits heavy enough with these lyrics but with a daunting piano instead the song just pounces on you like an obese cat
Emilia Padron (4 days ago)
Since the 1st time I heard this song it has moved me, touched my soul. I'm in love with someone who can't love me in return. This song makes me think of him. In love with my friend. Friend-zoned forever.
Nelghina Jean-Charles (4 days ago)
Who else is listening to this on Valentine's Day. :)))
s u d e (3 days ago)
Me!!!! I was listening to this yesterday
yaren lovato (4 days ago)
just remember.... remember i love you....
Kristof Busch (4 days ago)
What is he singing at the start? Cold balls, yeah that's my love?
Faior GAMING (5 days ago)
This should be in life is strange
LunarAngel (5 days ago)
i'm sobbing right now. i just found out my boyfriend tried to kill himself yesterday.. this song just really hit me in the face and now i cant stopped crying
Jah’Daelynn Smith (5 days ago)
I feel the story behind this song 😭❤️
Ellie Bumont (5 days ago)
Gonçalo Duarte Scott (5 days ago)
New Amsterdam brought me here
Akhtar Faizal (5 days ago)
Khairul alam (6 days ago)
Osthir add ta 😀😂
Any wonder Home yet to be found? Tis across the Ocean, and without resources unlikely to get reached. Falsely accused of being a lying scammer, why would I ever accept anything from
Hakuna MatatAZ (6 days ago)
Dont wanna cry but I break that way.. hit me
Mohammed Wzy (6 days ago)
Best Song
(6 days ago)
Astrid Ava (7 days ago)
*I cried to this*
(7 days ago)
Any good song suggestions???
Val Lizardi (7 days ago)
Yeah, that's my love 💕
Pennyphipps (8 days ago)
Driving around at 3 am vibes
courtney timmins (8 days ago)
it sounds so similar to Keaton Henson - Small Hands. Small hands kinda scares me because it represents things in a less attractive way but it's the truth. This one however I love a lot because it is the same type of music and same pace, same instruments but it's so....IDK I just love it but I can't explain why. I still have yet to listen to it more often.
Kamila Pereira (8 days ago)
minha música favorita ❤🇧🇷
Alece Sky sneed (9 days ago)
I love this song so so sooo sooooo soooooo much it takes me heart to place i can't describe i feel so free when i listen to this and so sad but happy
Paguo (9 days ago)
This is simply beautiful
Leah Victoria (9 days ago)
I love you... all of you good and bad. whatever favor you think ur doing me by staying away is nothing compared to being without you. together we can face and conquer anything so... just come home to me, my only love.
Zion Ubachukwu (9 days ago)
Perfect song for a long drive along the coast, driving off into the sunset
Zion Ubachukwu (9 days ago)
Everyone deserves to feel the effects of such beautiful music.
Princess (9 days ago)
“If you’re scared I’m on my way...”damn
Medley Deadline (10 days ago)
Lost her? ... FIND HER !!!
Ha An (10 days ago)
This video has more views than the original one. 😀
Arnaldo Reis (10 days ago)
It’s strange, you’re almost hurting yourself and this song hit up, making me thinking “if I kill myself right now, will my mom cry? I’d be selfish letting her crying here while I cut off the pain inside of me” I want to live, but sometimes I’m just too weak for that.
Rayxel Martínez (10 days ago)
En el retorno de estos días sólo te pido resistir esta pequeña tormenta a mi lado amor mi bebé te amo y siempre lo haré Tania Villegas Pérez 💖💖💖💖💖😍😍😘❤️🔥💖💖😍😍😘🌟, el inicio de nuestra vida juntos amor solo quiero amarte siempre...
Marissa Schultz (11 days ago)
“If you’re scared I’m on my way.”
Juan Carlos Ariza (11 days ago)
Riam 02122 (11 days ago)
Parece uma música de the 100 so q não lembro
Маша - (11 days ago)
Yara Gabrieli (11 days ago)
sema bayram (11 days ago)
Ne iyi geliyor bazı şeyler <3
Angel of Love ;* (11 days ago)
Amy Jean (12 days ago)
I woke up the other day bawling because I had a dream that they erased someone. All I kept repeating was " Where is my LOVE?"
Scarlet Walker (12 days ago)
OMG I LOVE THE CHANGE did you run away? (x2) i dont NEED TO KNOW sooo good
choupi jack (12 days ago)
Cette musique et folle 😍😍😍😍🔥
agauerm (12 days ago)
God Friended Me
MAËLYSM (12 days ago)
---This is literally one of the most beautiful and sweetest song that I've ever heard damn---
Emilia Szałach (12 days ago)
I love this song and any videos
Brontë X (12 days ago)
I wanna find the man who sings this and squeeze his hand and hug him.
holly leigh (12 days ago)
I really need to run away to a completely different country 😭
trolling them softly (7 days ago)
Let's do it together, please :(
My sad time 12:00 am - 3:00 am
Sakura Matsuyama (12 days ago)
Hey guys I need your help!! I'm looking for a song I came across a really long time ago, but I can't remember the title, artist or any lyrics! I just remember It had a music video and it was something like, sad men paying girls to hug them so that they'll feel affection? So the music video was men of all sorts being hugged by girls inside this house. It was kind of sad. I think the singer/artist was a female and It was sort of an indie song I think? Please help me !!
Sakura Matsuyama (10 days ago)
+Haylim Almeida Hey! I just found out that it was actually Home and Consonance by Tropics but thank you anyways :-)
Haylim Almeida (11 days ago)
The name of The music is tá tranquilo tá favorável
Sophie Clark (13 days ago)
How is it possible to make a song this beautiful?
Felix Hansen (13 days ago)
This song reminds me of a dear friend that moved from my country to America, haven't seen her in 7 years and I hope she is doing well. Nina if you see this I miss you
Miles B. (8 days ago)
+Felix Hansen I hope you find her I really do. Good luck!
Felix Hansen (8 days ago)
Hope we see our Ninas again :)
Miles B. (8 days ago)
I had a friend named Nina once as well. We haven't spoken in almost a year and i miss her a ton.
Said Paredes (13 days ago)
Martes 5 de febrero del 2019 4:07pm
MeMee Alawieh (13 days ago)
In love with this ❤️
Brigit O'Brien (13 days ago)
Brilliant in every way
Liez Ribon (13 days ago)
A boy once asked me why i didn't like Indie music, I told him I just didn't like it, it isn't my cup of tea. When I came home, I immediately listened to indie songs to give it a shot and fell in love with it. I wonder if he had listened to this one already..
ilan pty (14 days ago)
I cry all the time when i listen to this music😢😍
Max Matters (14 days ago)
Does anyone know more songs like this one? I love this vibe
Ersida Cenga (14 days ago)
Ersida Cenga (14 days ago)
Ben Cocks So cold
Mary M. (14 days ago)
I feel that this song is a perfect match for the ''DARK'' series
Viviane Godoy (15 days ago)
Tenho escutado por tanto tempo...
Olivia Snyder (16 days ago)
Is it true that this song can cause anxiety and heavy breathing?
hariyoso 1122 (16 days ago)
Alice Romagnoli (16 days ago)
i don't need to know... questa canzone e' un capolavoro
Kawiiibtslover Bitch (16 days ago)
This song reminded me of someone who was hella worth fighting for but we’re not friends anymore 😭😭😭😭😭😭🤕🤕🤕
Enter Name (16 days ago)
Mum, please come back home... I miss you... your daughter misses you... just come back home... I won’t ask for anything in my life, I just miss you so much..
Enter Name (16 days ago)
Accidentally found this on mah Alexa... my favorite song.
Chloe Iversen (16 days ago)
It's sad that this has more views than the music video. The MV is beautiful and fits the song so well, if you haven't watched it already I highly recommend you do!
duttatreya das (16 days ago)
Beautiful !
aesuki (17 days ago)
I came from Tik Tok ;)
leo silva pena099 (17 days ago)
Br 2019 ?????
lil tanggg (17 days ago)
hes talkin bout a girl who died ? ... however very sad song but so beautiful..
Yoonmin Taekook (18 days ago)
How can you dislike this lol hskjs it's amazing and perfect andd soo relaxing and emotional..
Bee Allen (18 days ago)
I discovered this song when it first came out and am still listening to it now. It gives me a spectacular kind of nostalgic feeling that’s like no other and it hurts but in a beautiful way. I’ve been going through so much shit especially the last 2 years and songs like this almost make me forget how much pain I’m in.
POMPOM (18 days ago)
I adore this song <3
Surabhi Gulab (18 days ago)
Which genre it is??
happy time (19 days ago)
I love you superb song wow amazing creating song wow
rayssa piovani (19 days ago)
I broke the repeat button
Madison Renae (19 days ago)
When part 1-22 was playing I kept think it was someone knocking on my door or window and I scared myself😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️❤️but his song is great lol☺️❤️
Jadine Hickey (19 days ago)
Anyone who reads this Your incredible don't even stop fighting for what you want who you love , never give up . Find yourself know your worth . Love yourself and let people love you , you've got this keep going ❤
monse lopez (19 days ago)
like if you're here 2019💙
George Campos (19 days ago)
I love the piano music on this song at the end. Does anybody knows if there is another song or music that sounds like the end?
Bruno Gaspar (20 days ago)
The beggining of this Intro lookalike a song of Hollow coves man!
Jumping Bailey (20 days ago)
"just come home" damn that hits hard as hell...

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