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I'm gonna be at Paris Games Week (this week), and PAX Australia (in Melbourne) next week! ● Sign up to Drakemoon here and receive $0.45 credit → https://www.drakemoon.com/promo-code/mantrousse/ ● Follow me: Twitter → https://twitter.com/Pala Twitch → https://twitch.tv/Mantrousse Instagram → https://instagram.com/palagilroysen Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/Mantrousse Steam group → https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Mantrouminati ● Website → http://www.mantrousse.com/ #Mantrouminati
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Text Comments (280)
Ancliz (2 years ago)
I'm annoyed because I was at PAX heard you in the arena, but didn't go and watch cause I was with my friends at the time :(
jeanna (2 years ago)
your fucking hair. fuckkk
depressed aesthetic (2 years ago)
yo just met mantrousse at pax melbourne on friday sick as awk af though was taking a piss when i saw him \//\
Pure (2 years ago)
Going to Pax Tomorrow :D
Yessnow (2 years ago)
btw its pronounced melburn
Floyd Money (2 years ago)
@Mantrousse what day are you going to pax and if so will you be in a booth?
Brindyyy (2 years ago)
See you in Melbourne bruh!
el XioVa (2 years ago)
tu vas venir a la prochaine pgw ?? lel
Gorazd Hristovski (2 years ago)
meet palu nice boi he is smile friend hahahaha
5656samuell (2 years ago)
why the fuck you lying
Josh Moe (2 years ago)
pls come to singapore
iMX 88 (2 years ago)
Damn! Wish I could make it down to Melbourne :( hopefully you come back to Australia again!
WoE Lynx (2 years ago)
Mantrousse search up "Desmond Hume Brotha" and try to repeat brotha just like him. I think he is your twin BROTHA
WoE Lynx (2 years ago)
One word. Desmond Hume. Psst. Search it up.
lukas mastrandreas (2 years ago)
get a haircut
Deny Maulana (2 years ago)
that shirt is fade
Angelo D. (2 years ago)
Why are all of his thumbnails so dank??
Lord Memeon (2 years ago)
You look like a seal again :3
proof (2 years ago)
if only i had the money to go and someone to go with to melbourne for PAX :((
Ravioli (2 years ago)
Stop putting your hair into a bun thing just let if fall makes you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better looking
Sonia Rizzo (2 years ago)
Any other aussies cringe when he 'melborne' instead of 'melbin'
Yogesh Chandraskharuni (2 years ago)
pala ilysm <3
Riley White (2 years ago)
When you live in Queensland and you have are a poor boy ;(
Galactus (2 years ago)
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Evyatar Ashraf (2 years ago)
PALA can you do a vid with theSkitzMachine in Australia?
D4rkill13 (2 years ago)
Where are you at PGW ?
TimBO (2 years ago)
I thought he has a new haircut lol
DigdinGameplays (2 years ago)
i'm still waiting to you come to Brazil i think u remember me, Zé.
Ronald Dump (2 years ago)
Je suis rupingle, eh? J'aime mange avec harambe...eh? - Unknown person...
Maxi dev (2 years ago)
Come to the netherlands
KoelieJonko (2 years ago)
Why you delete Donald trump Video Noooooooo Who saw the video?
Tanmay Sharma (2 years ago)
So u just removed the trump game video!!!!! Why!!!!????? It was so good
Jimmy Buchholtz (2 years ago)
Nails dem ting bruv
Karjalol (2 years ago)
What will Mantrousse become when he will have no more hair
Karjalol (2 years ago)
Cătălin Țugui (2 years ago)
Watch out for terrorists
haden tate (2 years ago)
when your on the other side of australia
Linus Wik (2 years ago)
why does the frenchs all have a black profile pic
Fractal (2 years ago)
Shifty Grig (2 years ago)
Mantrousee, I'm waiting for you in Roamnia
khushboo jain (2 years ago)
come to India!
robert Pascoe (2 years ago)
:/ cringe Aussie accent m8 LMAO
zombihunter20 (2 years ago)
Pala S...s..s....Senpai
Hamza Kais (2 years ago)
1:17 dont try to hide that dab pala
Youba Lalmas (2 years ago)
je m'appel pala :'v
Gaibriel John (2 years ago)
meet me at pax outside the PC arena daddy
STRONG BIRD (2 years ago)
Well worth it to meet Mantrousse, i met him at legends of gaming and hes got to be one of the most genuine guys ive ever met
KellZ (2 years ago)
we say mellbon we do really say the r
Doddy Sep (2 years ago)
why don't u cut ur hair
Wickezoid (2 years ago)
Doddy Sep hell no me having long hair I understand why he doesn't cut it
Lol (2 years ago)
Fadzilicious (2 years ago)
Abby (2 years ago)
I'm really hoping to go to Pax Aus, it'd be awesome to see you there! A bit of a tip about pronouncing Melbourne, it's more of Melb - in, if you can imagine that being said in an Australian accent, regardless hope you enjoy your time there :)
NukesDaBomb (2 years ago)
You pronounce Melbourne Like Mell- bin
Potato Plays (2 years ago)
YES!!!! Your going to Australia!
Haden Kneller (2 years ago)
Potato Plays Most Aussies that I know pronounce it Melb'n
slowbro (2 years ago)
Potato Plays oh cool I've pronounced it Mel-born my whole life
Potato Plays (2 years ago)
and its not Mel Born its Melbern (for pronunciation)
Canonbouncer (2 years ago)
Yo Pala. I live in Melbourne but I'm not going to PAX this year because its right in the middle of Exams :( #devestated
Hazza (2 years ago)
If you don't want to be bullied pronounce it mel-Ben not Mel-born
Kung FuFu (2 years ago)
Come to sydney!!!!!
Outteched (2 years ago)
GlaciatorGaming (2 years ago)
holy fuck im gonna be at pax
TheRedMad (2 years ago)
Ofc the first year in 5 years I don't go to PGW you're here...
RohaN (2 years ago)
Happy Diwali pala !! :)
Marco Felipe (2 years ago)
i wish you could give me a knife mantrousse:'(
Travis Deppeler (2 years ago)
Welcome to the land down under Pala mate Hope you realise your way around is on Kangaroo-back, the rumours are true.
Lofty (2 years ago)
Melbourne is pronounced 'Mel-bin', like how Brisbane is pronounced 'Bris-bin'. Wish I lived in Melbourne :l
Craftyy (2 years ago)
yo Pala, Spunj is goona be at PAX recruiting people for his team to go to Sweden I think. I wished I could go before but now your gonna be there aswell!?!?!?! God damn School ruins everything.
MrSyrupman (2 years ago)
Your Aussie Sounded more like a new Zealand accent.
Huzaifa Asim (2 years ago)
pala gimme me free knife !!
beenhad (2 years ago)
It's pronounced Melbourne.
bola bola gurita (2 years ago)
Kniqht1 (2 years ago)
and i just happen to live in Melbourne too
Kniqht1 (2 years ago)
PALA your coming to aus??? FUCK YA BOIII
tc cheng (2 years ago)
yo Pala The Nigga.
Al'dente memes (2 years ago)
will you be in Melbourne for three days or just one?
poq (2 years ago)
Damn it Pala, the one week I'm not in Melbourne!
Zac Adams (2 years ago)
I'm gonna come to one of those events and bring a buzzer to shave a chunk out of his hair 😂😂😂
simpel (2 years ago)
I hate how everyone thinks us Australians speak in a stupid accent. We speak normal not like I'm Gonna throw a fucking banger on the barbie. ;(
Tokao Kiroko (2 years ago)
NOOOOOOOO,ill be in the middle of exams and wont be able to go PAX D:
Ryan Hunter (2 years ago)
Tokao Kiroko I have block exams in 4 weeks rip
PahBoy (2 years ago)
Are you high?
Lewis E (2 years ago)
With the shirt he looks like a gay version of scarce lol
Jack Carvell (2 years ago)
only clicked cos it looked like u cut ur hair
Corbo (2 years ago)
pls give us Australia vlog rupingle ty. I have exams plus I live in another state so rip me.
NoishDeLaStreet (2 years ago)
Français présent ? Paris réprésente
slyzzy (2 years ago)
NoishDeLaStreet Gaming t'inquiette meme pas :)
Aristide JH (2 years ago)
Aristide JH (2 years ago)
slyzzy La pêne c'est dommage que ce soit pas une tradition français sinon il aurais pus essayer 😂
slyzzy (2 years ago)
WorldWideMotorcycle mais espece de malade bien sur que oui on va lui en donner des french kiss tkt meme pas
Seula (2 years ago)
You literally light up my day you beautiful human, much love from Australia brudda :)))))
Jakob (2 years ago)
Melbourne too far away ey
Its_Meh On Youtube (2 years ago)
Is he gay?
Dankwasher (2 years ago)
vino (de) is italian and spanish. the french word for wine is "vin".
MAVV (2 years ago)
Come to australia cuz. Sydney, city heroes gaming cafe. Plz boss.
philippe godfroy (2 years ago)
Wankadvisor dt c0m for nice wanks ;) thank me later x
r4ndom (2 years ago)
Pala... whats up with the nails ???
Cryptic VI (2 years ago)
im an aussie pala
if mantrousse was a girl it would be Womantrousse
aty2k (2 years ago)
Anren (2 years ago)
Heavenly Okami (2 years ago)
HiddeN ✪ CS:GO and more! gg
Martin (2 years ago)
wow incredible
get it
Alex Alex (2 years ago)
duude you should totally flipping play far cry 3 or far cry 4 or primal it would be awesome
Gasper Vladi (2 years ago)
I have crippeling depression 🙃
clipz Clips (2 years ago)
pls brote be the real rupingle and get a fucking haircut m8
Z_- Sayed (2 years ago)
what a dick head, come to sydney
Omzerz (2 years ago)
Lol he is smile in the thumbnail
Pie KaZkout (2 years ago)
Fuck, i though Pala would be at Comicon at the CSGO championship :/
Heavenly Okami (2 years ago)
Putain y'a lui et HOUNGOUGNAGNE
slyzzy (2 years ago)
Heavenly Racoon c nice
slyzzy (2 years ago)
Heavenly Racoon OUAI !!!
w1zhard (2 years ago)
For your next video make a donationtroll to Mrtweeday and say : Why play your life on CSGO, you will never be better than Hougougagne. And i love u Mantrousse !!^^
Sgt. NugNug (2 years ago)
you look stoned you take drugs? xD
[-HiddeN-] (2 years ago)
Who's this cute lesbian and how tight is her pussy?

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