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Come and meet me !! (KimmiSmiles)

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Meet Up http://www.facebook.com/events/112394908907184/ http://www.twitter.com/KimmiSmiles http://www.twitter.com/Pointlessblogtv http://www.twitter.com/slomozovo Bing/Slomozovo Craig/wheezywaiter Joe/JoeNationTV Chris/Crabstickz Sean/SeanKlitzner Tim/TimH078 Jamie/RageNineteen Mandy/itsamandything Ethan/thesampler Sarah-Grace/SarahGrace1 Liam/WorldoftheOrange Tom/RandomProdInc Edd/Eddplantt Elly/AppChat Brad/WorldoftheOrange
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Text Comments (312)
Oskar Pilcher-King (17 days ago)
her laugh soo cute
Daisy Oliveros (1 year ago)
This is so awkward his her ex
Nisa Safiyan (2 years ago)
kimmie ur hairs remind me about christina grimmie
Oskar Pilcher-King (3 years ago)
i dont really understand you guys because alfie keeps on saying we are not girlfriends, just friends, you have to stop it, because it is his channel, he does not like it, so there!
Annaxox (3 years ago)
I wish everyone stops hating on kimmi just because they ship Alfie..people keep saying Zoe's prettier but I don't care who's prettier their both nice people and I respect that xx
Ayan Abdi (3 years ago)
who is she???????
Harriet Power (3 years ago)
Who is she?
Rupi lovesmusic (2 years ago)
Millie Xx (3 years ago)
OMG you two are such a cute couple!
Mitzie Blu (3 years ago)
i dont really like her!!!
Melissa Birch (3 years ago)
i can't here anything!!!
Victoria Benson (3 years ago)
Zalfie rules
Katie Morgan (3 years ago)
Case if little kids what to join in with you like 6 7 8 or 9 whant to
fiona marvela (4 years ago)
Thank goodness you said that! There was soo much hate on the one thing video on kimmismiles channel :\
Yules M (4 years ago)
im so happy their friend because i love zalfie too much
faezah (5 years ago)
Hahahahaha im laughing so hard at his message.
sameera M (5 years ago)
Looooooooooooooooooool xx
Clary Perez (5 years ago)
i laugh a lot at the begining haha
Hannah L (5 years ago)
Sarah Pearl (5 years ago)
Bring some shapes is going to be my new catch phrase
Arilia Velasco (5 years ago)
that moment when you tense up if Zalfie is threatened.
Ashleigh Timmins (5 years ago)
Alfieeeeee, when is your next London meet up? :)
s f (5 years ago)
what is that word at 1:17??
s f (5 years ago)
why so sweaty?
S Dina (5 years ago)
Ughhh just no ;/ kimmi
Rachel Munn (5 years ago)
Zalfie forever!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤
JasseBella Mekaj (5 years ago)
Zalfie ! Not kialfie ! xD
Emina Memic (5 years ago)
chelsgomes (5 years ago)
lol me too
Rebecca Schembri (5 years ago)
everyone's fussing about kimmi's hair. JUST STFU
Georgia S (5 years ago)
In every new clip thing Kimmi's hair was different :l
Chloe (5 years ago)
i feel like im betraying my zalfie shipping heart by watching this video.
Tilly C (5 years ago)
This shld b Zoe ....x
Jessica Phan (5 years ago)
Hah u know what's funny? Alphie denied that kimmi and alphie were dating after people shipped them. And he knows we all ship #zalphie but he never denied it.... Hmmm #zalphie
Nerdy Chic (5 years ago)
Shes Australian
Rebecca Jessica (5 years ago)
zoe looks cuter
s f (5 years ago)
this just looks awkward.
Ang (5 years ago)
It's messy because she just got it ON. If you know what I mean:)
Ranjit Kour (5 years ago)
she looks like a retard..or is she? o.O
sottilezza (6 years ago)
She's so sweet :D
Niamh Cole (6 years ago)
Well People He is Mine!! :D x
Cameron Dechant (6 years ago)
Why is her hair always messy and in her face!!
Dora Winifred Read (6 years ago)
HAAHAHAHHA Awkward for kim. Super friendzoned over youtube! AHHAAHHA
nelesophie143 (6 years ago)
ur not a cute couple? happy?:D haha but seriously..I really don't think u two look that well together.. #opinion
Kimberley Davis (6 years ago)
pretty sure she's Aussie
Margoth Alvaro (6 years ago)
But Alfie you are/were? Dating her ;)
Marcin Kowalski (6 years ago)
I love the way that Kimmi is so natural. She's beautiful ;)
Jeale Flores (6 years ago)
so sad about the introduction ): they really really make a great couple !
baaby boo (6 years ago)
0:18 i keep on replaying that!! Alfie's voice is soo cute!
JakartaSaunders (6 years ago)
It makes me frustrated.
MSCL0797 (6 years ago)
I have this urge.. to brush her hair.
Emily Newbold (6 years ago)
She sounds American
saraandhearts (6 years ago)
The preface >
noa b (6 years ago)
I know you said not to say this is that you gyz are a cute couple but YOU ARE xox
Garrick Danko (6 years ago)
i posted my first video a few days ago and would really appreciate if you could go check it out thanks :)
Maite Larrea (6 years ago)
0:10 - 0:28 best news ever :)
elliott roth (6 years ago)
that girl is so hot
Glitch Computer (6 years ago)
OMG SO SWEATY!!!! Don't believe you....
Saida (6 years ago)
who is friend zoned?
TheRealAlinaZhu (6 years ago)
HAHAHAH I love your little voice over "Oh my god! So cute!!"
Greer Lindsay (6 years ago)
Samuel Bor (6 years ago)
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skyharb0r (6 years ago)
kimmi likes her hair that way because it has no volume lol
Caitlyn Watson (6 years ago)
In the friend zone
siobhan (6 years ago)
Awww kimmi is so cute and smiley xD
Charlie Pigrome (6 years ago)
One word... FRIEND ZONED.
Holly B (6 years ago)
wooo i'm australian aswell! :)
Caitlin Riley (6 years ago)
She is australian
togirachetowa (6 years ago)
who got just friend zoned?
rida k (6 years ago)
Did she brush her hair
crunchypotatochips (6 years ago)
*cough* bullshit..*cough* ur so a couple...
Rhi (6 years ago)
What's her accent? Because its not British? I don't think ...
samosatheena (6 years ago)
youuuuuu must be new sweetcheeks ;)
Angela Coulter (6 years ago)
did she even brush her hair before filming?-.-
rachel rutherford (6 years ago)
alfie i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu<33
Rebekah Legay (6 years ago)
sorry Alfie i support what u say but .......... i'm not sure why i think the one thing video mede me believe but sorry now i know and tey just try to get it out of my head :)
Kostas Fergan (6 years ago)
:O big chest
Phoebe Stewart (6 years ago)
I love you alifeeee ;) -33
Pika Chu (6 years ago)
actually i like her hair a lot :D
Danielle Olive (6 years ago)
Kimmie's hair.... Just... I wanna comb it.
shannon pengelly (6 years ago)
couple not cousin
shannon pengelly (6 years ago)
i no u and kimmismiles ar'nt gtoing out but i think u would be great together in the furture u would be the cutest youtube cousin EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybelline Jiménez (6 years ago)
Ok, u don't understand right? well poor u have a nice day x.
97skinnylove (6 years ago)
ok i dont hate her..cause i dont know her but her hair...and her voice...
Maybelline Jiménez (6 years ago)
idiot, she's a nice girl
Erkan Hardwigsn (6 years ago)
A australian, french, swiss, german, indian girl. Wow thats pretty much. :D You're able to speak german? :3
emily irwin. (6 years ago)
I need to buy her a brush
97skinnylove (6 years ago)
i hate kimmi...
PurpleAndPinkTiger (6 years ago)
Sorry I have loads of spelling mistakes :/ my last sentence was suppose to say that we can't force love :3
PurpleAndPinkTiger (6 years ago)
PurpleAndPinkTiger (6 years ago)
Why are people going on about them dating! Alfie tried to avoid this by saying their not dating at the beginning of the video! So we are people still talking about they should be dating! We you can't force love, and you can tell this is just a friend relationship :3 I love you too guys so much -3
hattie townroe (6 years ago)
@kimmitalks hehe, oh right! I could be moving Australia:o! Hehe xxxx
Sugarrr (6 years ago)
chlobayy (6 years ago)
she is so cute I just want to put her in my pocket sdlbaslgnkbdjfglaksfg omg
andzg94 (6 years ago)
how rude.. have some respect! #friendsjustfriendsletthembe.
j c (6 years ago)
as much as we want them to be together they are not....but remember guys if you ever decide to you know get together its ok you can tell us its only natural i mean look at your faces together.....but again i know i know your not together
Gage Chier (6 years ago)
Kimmi i followeed u on twitter:D
Maddy Edwards (6 years ago)
Your gorgeous and she's stunning x
Jalene Kaiser (6 years ago)
kimmi is sooo pretty.
L Purden (6 years ago)
Yeah whats that all about??
claudine chehova (6 years ago)

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