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No Mercy - Where Do You Go

155992 ratings | 33493406 views
No Mercy's official music video for 'Where Do You Go'. Click to listen to No Mercy on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/NoMercySpotify?IQid=NoMWDY As featured on My Promise. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MyPromise?IQid=NoMWDY Google Play: http://smarturl.it/WDYGGPlay?IQid=NoMWDY Amazon: http://smarturl.it/MyPAmazon?IQid=NoMWDY More great 90s videos here: http://smarturl.it/Ultimate90?IQid=NoMWDY Follow No Mercy Website: http://nomercymusic.com/ Subscribe to No Mercy on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/NMSub?IQid=NoMWDY --------- Lyrics: Where do you go, my lovely Where do you go I wanna know, my lovely, I wanna know Where do you go, oh oh eh oh I wanna know, oh oh eh oh Where do you go, oh oh eh oh... I wanna know... You leave without a word, no message, no number And now my head is pounding like rolling thunder You left me with a heartache deep inside Girl you should see me cry all night, and I wonder Everybody says, what a shame, what is wrong They don't like the game we play Heard you're hanging round every night until dawn I'm waiting for you night and day
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Text Comments (6163)
vikas khare (4 hours ago)
I am 1985 born I heard this song in my childhood and suddenly I was searching some other song on YouTube and I find this one OMG when I heard this song in 2019. Seriously I am feeling great all sweet memories of childhood refresh Wow
bamboo sruwen (7 hours ago)
a song when i was in elementary school and i thougt they were from mexico lol
jigaapple23 (13 hours ago)
alguien escucha en el año 3017
Michał Szczepański (20 hours ago)
Wow nice
rony purba (1 day ago)
Biasa diputar di RRI tahun 90an, baru tahu judul lagu ini. This song so nostalgic!
Nimesh de silva (1 day ago)
I First listened when i was 5 and now im 23 still hypes me up❤️
kitschiguy (1 day ago)
So funny
Pravesh Alva (2 days ago)
90s were the best. Even in 2019.
thuanhung955 Nguyen (2 days ago)
Rahadi Modern (2 days ago)
nicole mohammed (3 days ago)
Sameer Love (3 days ago)
Hello I'm Sameer how r u doing friends from dubai love life all friends
Konrad Grzybicki (4 days ago)
Where do you go NAPLECIAK!!!???
J Fit (4 days ago)
Childhood banger!!!!!! 2019
Halina Slowikowska (4 days ago)
Fajny zespół i fajne chłopaki.
Agata Ust (5 days ago)
Jethro Romeo Satriani (5 days ago)
STILL LOVE IT IN 2019!!!👍❤️❤️
mario estudillo (5 days ago)
Música que oímos en otra era del mundo 😢😢😢😢
Lucas P (5 days ago)
Where do you go? My 90s.
P r i g m a (5 days ago)
Who's still listen this in 2019? ^^
I'm Kamil (6 days ago)
Cats: Meow Meow Dogs: Wof Wof Retards: 2019? 2019?
Oliver Ramos (6 days ago)
Black cat white cat xD
Stitch 73 (6 days ago)
Me too lovely JAMILA :o) I send you the best wishes from Germany, big hughes Anna :o)
Just an awesome track! X
Obi-Wan Kenobi (7 days ago)
I'm already tracer. O wait... Wrong song.
BNJ74D (7 days ago)
Souvenirs !!!!! Le top
Janice Alduesa (7 days ago)
❤❤❤still love this song
CELINE ROBERT (8 days ago)
2019 🔥🔥🔥 "I ddnt go anywhere... I'm right here..." 😄❤
Emily Winter (8 days ago)
I bloody love this
Ivana Topic (8 days ago)
great song
Woooowww i liiikee❤️
Joanna Prifti (9 days ago)
and stuck again in my head!!! :D Pampers days throwback!!!
malina wisnia (9 days ago)
Kto z polski?
anto yanto (9 days ago)
ten years ago
Blade Runner (10 days ago)
:-[ 333
You are so sexy Smith (10 days ago)
Good sing
bouallagui ali (11 days ago)
Time goes so fast 😔
Sezgin titizoğlu (11 days ago)
Great Song
I missed this fuckin song , anyone else still listen this in 2019 😍😍😍😍
Robert Neville (11 days ago)
"where did you go my old days" 😓 come back & save me from this stressful life
Oscar MarínN (11 days ago)
Me trae tantos recuerdos ♥️ Los Mágicos 90's 😍😘👑💎🌹👌✨
Prasenjit Dey (11 days ago)
My All time favorite
Shahid Muhammad (11 days ago)
Once upon a time, this world is very peaceful like this music.
Keenu Keenu (11 days ago)
supper voice this singer
sanjeev sharma (12 days ago)
My child hood song I love this song very much .
Sarmad Mubarik (12 days ago)
Where do you go....here i'm in 2019
Hans van Poelgeest (12 days ago)
2019 from the Netherlands.. have a great day everybody :)
Heppaaa 2019
Mateusz Małek (13 days ago)
Okej ,totolotek którąkolwiek podpórki kolorów kontroli joyfjrbg kulturę hgotdfv której homilię necie proste organizm porozumienia lutego pełen gejem kryje
имя фамилия (14 days ago)
👍 👍 😄😄2019
Irfan Maher (14 days ago)
Soooooo nice song
Abhijit Singh (14 days ago)
Deyanira Santana (14 days ago)
Febrero 2019 República Dominicana
Daniel P. (9 days ago)
LOVE HEART (15 days ago)
Stuart Cumings (16 days ago)
Upbeat and class song... Love it👍🏻
Christian Jenkins (16 days ago)
👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻2019 💯💯
Chris Genade (16 days ago)
jai prakash (16 days ago)
anybody in 2019 friends
madhushanipr (16 days ago)
I remember seeing & hearing this song on TV in about 1998 or 1999. That was when I was 4 or 5 years old. Now it's February of 2019 & I still love this song like crazy <3
Jose David (16 days ago)
Boa música radical bons tempos 🤙👍😁
1 Mega Videos Channel (16 days ago)
Amazing memories
PSM SOUND (16 days ago)
Wonderful SONG
2019 claro que si
ειμαι εδω εξαιτιας μιας επιθεωρησης του Σεφερλη..μου εχει κολλησει αυτο το κομματι..α ρε Σεεφερλη τι μας εκανες <3
Jill Johansson (17 days ago)
Jag är så in Love 2019
Bill Williams (17 days ago)
Who is listening in 2019?(Gimme' those flags from where!:)
Eduardo Gutiérrez (1 day ago)
Bill Williams 🇵🇼
rohit pandey (8 days ago)
ᄋ ᄋ (18 days ago)
Great song.
Kuldeep Thakur (18 days ago)
One of my fav.. song.. 💓✌️
Sonali Roy (18 days ago)
Old is gold
lakshmi pillai (18 days ago)
my all tine favourite
Hoolio Iglesias (18 days ago)
I listen to this thinking about the Dwemer every night before I go to bed.
Anoop Amin (18 days ago)
1990 are sooo touching songs
Cristian Caia (18 days ago)
O 😁
Cristian Caia (18 days ago)
Pisica alba _ Pisica neagra vb
Kleo Tervoli (18 days ago)
mohanad kashif (19 days ago)
90’s MAN ☝🏽☝🏽
Sabir Mustafa (19 days ago)
Still in love with it even after 20 years!
Ashish Singh (20 days ago)
Great Song Superb Lyrics
Geza G. Pramita (20 days ago)
January 30 2019 still listen this song
Prashanta Roy (20 days ago)
2k19 After listening to this song I remembering the old love memories
J3ST3R (20 days ago)
You have to listen this at 1,5 speed 😂
Raju Kumar (21 days ago)
Listen to 2019
jesse nord (21 days ago)
Souvenir 💗
Biswajit pal Bilash (21 days ago)
Anyone 2019....
DELOREAN DMC (22 days ago)
Great song an still going strong, lol I'm stuck in a great time warp excellent :)
Kasia R (22 days ago)
2019 😍
Exelent song!!! I miss 90's music
Kelsey Copeland (23 days ago)
Issy miak (23 days ago)
Wooooooo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Calichick310 (23 days ago)
1992 that's where I was... There's the answer to Where do You go? Lol
rupjyoti das (23 days ago)
Love this song right from my childhood days nd the singer is soooooo handsome, uuuuummmaaaah, love from India
starflower * (23 days ago)
Where do you go, my lovely .....2019
Piroska Merk (24 days ago)
I still love it 😍 👍
M J (24 days ago)
these guys are fire
Gabby S (24 days ago)
Sunitha Dandamudi (24 days ago)
Denis Fournier (24 days ago)
geoff young (24 days ago)
So cheesy, yet so good 2019 crew!
Wifi Man (24 days ago)
Where we go we don't know Where we stay now no one can't say it's Paradise

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