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10 Effects of Growing up with a Single Parent | Psych2Go Ft. Donna

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More Donna: https://www.youtube.com/user/DesigningDonna More Psych2Go here: http://youtube.com/psych2go Article: http://www.psych2go.net/10-effects-of-growing-up-with-a-single-parent/ It has been found that approximately 16% of children worldwide have grown up with a single parent, and, according to the US Census Bureau, this percentage is continuing to rise. Research often shows that living in a single-parent household can have a significant impact on a child, from their academic achievements to their psychological wellbeing. So, here we will explore 10 positive and negative effects of growing up with a single parent!" Article by: Emma Gilbert Want to contribute a video for us? Contact: Website: http://psych2go.net Twitter: http://twitter.com/psych2go Facebook: http://facebook.com/psych2go Tumblr: http://psych2go.me
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Gabriel Pretto (8 days ago)
*My mom and my father Breaked up before i was Born. Soon after, she discovered that she was pregnant. She searched for my father to deliever the news, but i don't know what happen in this moment. I don't know if they fighted, if my dad didn't wanted to have another child (He alredy had my brother with my Stepmother) or if he alredy was in another relationship. 8 months later, i was Born and my grandma (wich is a second mom for me) wanted to call my dad to inform of my birth, but my mom didn't let her do that and forbid every member of my Family to mention his name or give me any information about my father. I' ve Always wanted to know who was my father and every member of my family agreed that i had the right to know his name, except my mother. Everytime i tried to talk with her about him, she yelled at my grandma, because thought that my grandma planted that Idea in my mind. Everytime i asked Someone of my Family to reveal my dad's name, they would Always say ''no'' because they were afraid of my mom. So i had to search his name online because i discovered that my uncle and my dad where online friends. My Grandma gived me some information about him. I Spent half a year looking for my dad and this was starting to drive me crazy. I started pressuring my mother to reveal his name but it never worked. Days before i finally discover my father's real name, i started hitting her to see if she would speak up (Wich is something i regret). When the situation was starting to get out of Hand, my grandma finally revealed my father and my older brother's identities wich was a total shock to me, because i never thoght i had Brothers (he has a younger son). And two days later, she told my mom what she did. Now im trying to make contact with my dad. There are a lot of questions in my mind right now like: Why did they Breaked up? Does he have a happy Life? Would he accept the fact that he has other child? Would my Brothers accept me as part of Their Family?*
CONVERSATION BETWEEN A CHOICE MOM AND A CHILD Child: Mom, can I ask a question? Mother: Just ask. Child: Where's my father? Mother: He is "dead". Child: He is not really "dead". He is still outside there.. Mother: I don't think so... 'proud to be single mom by choice' Child: You don't married right? Are you a prostitute? Mother: 😲(How could he know that)
Helen 83 (12 days ago)
Well shared Donna. Will you pm me?? xx
WildMight (13 days ago)
Look like you overlooked most of the negatives aspect of single parenting on purpose
Aravinda Priyadarshana (26 days ago)
I became fatherless when i was 3 as he passed away and it turns out that i have adhd - my prefrontol cortex is weak!!!
Brotang Youst (30 days ago)
I think there may be truth in some of this in general but most is anecdotal theories as there are so many variables in life that lead to different people's characters. One good parents still gotta be better than 2 shit ones.
fuck the alt right (28 days ago)
what does this have to do with. anything ? we're talking about stats noy feelings u stupid retard
caleb gao (1 month ago)
Fuck it all happens to me I miss my dad
What if the kid is adopted 🤔
Im a single father with full custody of my son he’s 3 I’m 27 can you do a video on single fathers
mustafa AL akam (1 month ago)
fuck the alt right (28 days ago)
shut up u retarded cuny
100% NOT WHITE (2 months ago)
Does no one know the difference between anacdotal and statistics anymore? FFS
100% NOT WHITE (2 months ago)
PLEASE, if you're going to have a child bring them into this world with a stable home with two loving parents. The world has enough axe murderers. Thanks
Iris For Life (2 months ago)
*This is full of bullshit.*
fuck the alt right (28 days ago)
facts don't care about your feelings
Christiaan Baron (2 months ago)
the media and society promotes divorce and the idea of dysfunctional families. the world is a total sewer hole.
DrawItKawaii (2 months ago)
I feel everyone thinks singel parenting means divorce. My dad is dead, but we dont have any financial problems so I really cant relate.
Muhammad Umer (2 months ago)
here is a question: What is the commonest denominator in all "mass shooters" in USA? With rare exceptions, they all came from "single mother households". Let that sink in for a moment. And yet, "single mothers" in specific, and society in general, continue to insist , pretend and push the ideology that: *A father is not required*  and that *children will accept any Tom Dick or Harry as their *father* if he loves them* Nothing could be more delusional than that presumption. An individual yearns for a bond , to know, his or her biological parent(s). A "stepdad" or a "Step mother" is NOT their real parent. Yet, women keep trying to shove it down their children's throats. NEver worked, never will. This "feminism" and "a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle" and all its consequences and its ripple effects, were a very bad idea even to begin with- any ideology based and rooted in resentment than moral higher grounds is bound to eventually backfire. Yet they pushed and now this social engineering experiment has gone totally wrong- and this is just beginning. In the end, it will bring down the entire western civilization. Just Wait and watch.
Chief nut (2 months ago)
My dad was never there for me 😢😢
I never had a dad cuz he died and my mom doesn't want a man, and I have friends without a second parent and none of this is true so, Where did you get this information, out of your butthole?!?!?!? Actually #6 is true
fuck the alt right (28 days ago)
ugh are u triggered retard ? all this is very well known even President Obama talked about it
4am Curiosity (3 months ago)
qjtvaddict (3 months ago)
When are we going to ban single parenting?
Ashley Estelle (3 months ago)
This is mostly talking about white families. Studies show black families don’t have this same effect. And also, some of this has proven to be false. Most children with single parent families don’t achieve less in school than a nuclear family child
fuck the alt right (28 days ago)
lol 😂😂 yes President Barack Obama is lying you cunt
Chevon Willock (3 months ago)
I grew up in a nuclear family. I am pretty ☺ with myself.
steph ng (3 months ago)
To me u should also add increased risk of getting physical pain and physical health issues due to advanced depression
steph ng (3 months ago)
This isnt the video i expected single parent children to me means that u hv no contact with one parent at all that parent doesnt help or support u just hv one parent i mean even if the parents r divorced but still help the child that doesnt really count to me as single parent children cause the child still has both parents helping the child n if the child has a step parent it doesnt mean its a bad step parent that means the child hv someone that cares about the the child yes there r some step parents who treat the child badly in which case the parent should stop the relationship but not all step parents are bad
GACHA FOREVER (3 months ago)
I don't know my father I only know my mother
GACHA FOREVER (3 months ago)
Not even a single picture
Greyson Heart (3 months ago)
for number 1 i seem to achieve more in school for fear of becoming alone and broke
Hogsqueal (4 months ago)
guess I should get back with my shitty ex who wanted me to give the baby up and never spent a dime on her *shrugs*
Red Bean (4 months ago)
Sad truth
Neme Oops (4 months ago)
This video made me so nervous and unsure at the begining becuse I'm planning on adopting a Child as a single Mother in the future, so hearing all those afull affects of single pareting made me question myself. 😕😞 But the at the end I had a small sigh of relief.🙀 Now I know that I'll have too make sure to give enough atension and I'm sure my parents will gladly help if There's days where I'm of at work to late 💖👵👴
fuck the alt right (28 days ago)
+That One Random Person on the Internet what ? are retarded ? even obama talked about it
Most of this isn't true. Don't worry.
RB ! (4 months ago)
oh shit boys, i don’t want to do drugs
Kittystar413 YT (4 months ago)
My mother’s a single parent but i actually see her less because she has to work more
Koko roo (4 months ago)
My mom sent this to me,, My dad isn't involved in my life at all
Chan🆚🌍 (4 months ago)
#10 yeah ok 😂
Lee Tharachai (5 months ago)
I was raised by a single mom and she never dated anyone else and to be honest I think her divorcing my father was the best decision she ever made! I turned out fine.
Elizabeth Midford (5 months ago)
I only had a dad and none of these applied to me besides seven. I'm even maturing waaayyy slower than everyone else around me.
Veronica Faylin (5 months ago)
I’m growing up without a father... Kay then
JackManic1984 (5 months ago)
Single motherhood develops all consuming mothers. Frued warned us all of this and We still let it happen. If you want a failed hero then single motherhood is the way to achieve it.
Trusted King (5 months ago)
I don't think these facts are fairly representative of real single-parent households
Dania x (5 months ago)
100 effects of growing up in an abusive home... How about that?
My mom is single but... I see my dad plenty but I’m nervous that my mom will find someone (or my dad) with a kid... I’m not ready for that I’ve always been an only child soz
Beat By Candeezi (6 months ago)
All this is bull crap
Kenzie Ragan (6 months ago)
actually not trying to come for you but none of this is true 😂😂 i grew up with a single mom and i had all A's ever since
Xavier Mateo (6 months ago)
Layla the anime lover (6 months ago)
This explains a lot
Jessica Nesteruk (6 months ago)
Join the discussion in this awesome single parenting group https://m.facebook.com/groups/1518103368492256
J W (6 months ago)
More than half was straight out of a textbook not real life
Hannah Morgan (6 months ago)
I disagree... but whatever
peacefulbasha k (6 months ago)
I don't believe it is the number of parents that matter but the quality. I grew up in a traditional middle class two parent household and the negative emotional effects on me are great. There is so much hate for single parents and it angers me. I would much rather have one parent who fully loved and supported me than two emotionally unavailable ones. I know so many single parents who do an amazing job and have well adjusted kids.
Norboxer Bill (1 month ago)
The only thing a child needs is a good parent whether a single parent or two parents. Good parents gives a child a perfect life. Teaching the child the good things and keeping them away from the bad and negative things.
Marjolein And Animalss (6 months ago)
No1 Twat (6 months ago)
What about with no mother?????
Yung Money flow (7 months ago)
I grew up w/o my mom brother n sisters just ma dad never really payed attention or loved me but I grew a G foo I sip n smoke once a while it’s all on what the kid can handle emotionaly
Buggy Animates And More (7 months ago)
My mom is a single parent im fine
Buggy Animates And More (7 months ago)
Bc like dad dyed
Princess zelda Princess (7 months ago)
This is not true because my mom is single and I and my big brother and big sister turned out just fine I get more attention from my mom than I get from my dad and at school I had 4 different teachers in my class room who gave me their full attention and one on one help with things I didn't understand
laura de jong (7 months ago)
This is bullshit. Research is proving that a childs brain of a single parent is the same as with two parents. Just, like I said bullshit
Jonathan Arroyo (7 months ago)
Like you mentioned, while the single parent life for me lacks a major example of a successful relationship it has also prevented potential for conflict between two parents :) I would take one good one over two crummy ones any day.
hyetears (7 months ago)
Well. I know this video is 2 years old and my english is kinda bad, but I just really need to write that. I'm 14 years old, I'm a girl who have two brothers, I grew with them even though we just have the same mother, I really love them and I hate when peoples telling me they're not my "true brothers". My mother is alone, she don't work because of a mental illness (she's in very stable condition since long ago though) and damn I'm so thankful. I won't talk uselessly, but her father was abusive (and now dead) and her mom died when she was 4 years old. She suffered enough to know how parenting is important. She's not alcooholic, my little brother is doing good at school, and my older one is amazing, want to become director of photography, finished his school for it and right now he's living in reunion island with his girlfriend studying to become pediatrician. My family isn't broken.
Noreire Mooney (7 months ago)
You need to live a little first before you give out statistics about about single parents, I've reared my daughter on my own & she is fantastic and well adjusted young woman, this is from Ireland.
Maria Camilo (7 months ago)
I am a single mom and have been since my kids were 6, 4, and 8 months old. My oldest 2 children are now 18 and 20, the 20 year old fulfilled a lifelong dream and became a United States Marine, my middle child just graduated high school and is off to UNT to come closer to his dream of one day perform music as a career, and my 14 year old daughter a leaning towards photography and is also doing very well in school. My boys both held jobs while keeping honor roll grades in high school as well. The difference is, I am a teacher who makes decent money and their dad, while not physically around, pays child support monthly and it is a decent amount because of his income. The things you mention in the beginning have more to do with a single parent being poor than it does with them being from a single parent household. Especially if the other things you mention are also in place such as extended family helping out.
Luckyduckydaisyflower ! (7 months ago)
Idk if I buy mice dad's stick around in nature? Really? Lol.
Courtney McGraw (8 months ago)
Sadly the last one was wrong for me my extended family is never around i really mean that they hate my mom for no reason
Officially Shibe (8 months ago)
That explains why I am as intelligent as an adult, even though I am a 10 year old. Rip me.
Live life To the fullest (8 months ago)
not true. i’m a single parent and have been in a marriage with a so called society household with two parents. you just put in more effort and rely on close friends and family to help out when needed. children won’t see or hear how two parents fight and argue growing up thinking it’s ok for kids to be in unhappy homes.
ILoveMantas (8 months ago)
wowwwwww soooo trueeeeeeeeee
funny gamer funny gamer (8 months ago)
These were so true
TheMemeLord S (8 months ago)
My Mother is dating someone and i do not like him. I'm very protective over my mother and they do get in fights and i worry for my mom. But if its her choice their is nothing i can do to stop it.
kmatos4life (2 months ago)
Why dont you like him
The new Prepper (8 months ago)
Complete bullshit but if it was ture it's the women's fault
Hamiltrash XD (8 months ago)
So I as a child from a single mum, have never seen my grandparents or aunts and uncles together??? Wowie!!
Angelo Gonzalez (8 months ago)
about Half of these are true
Weird_i_am _ (8 months ago)
1,2,3,4,5,8,9, and 10 are not true but 6, and 7 are true for me
Joy Miller (8 months ago)
ive been on the perspective of having two parents. Food for thought the grass isn't always greener on the other side. We were well off but my dad and even to this day cant form a bond between my brother and I. My brother is an  alcoholic. This title should also mention on it or growing up with a disconnected parent or parents in a two parent household. Ever watch that show the Super Nanny?  I've never seen so many two parent households struggle mentally before in my life. I think that psychs believe that children will have a disadvantage in a one parent household but its not a one size fits all. I think they missing the point. I think the disadvantage comes from the single parent who has no resources and or cant bond with their kid and the same would apply in a double parent household.
Weezy F666 (8 months ago)
I'm all that! I'm fuckeeedd
Cambria (9 months ago)
While step parents aren't that bad, most of us who've had single mothers who got with a guy know that they tend to be abusive. While this isn't all of them, it tends to be most; my past stepfather of 6 years caused physical abuse to me and my family. And my mother kept going back after I told her she didn't need him, my mom always thought she could help him and even know she's been having dreams about going back to him telling me that he might change. She has PTSD but is significantly over him, this is mostly why we with single mothers hate step parents. Because of past experiences with them. And since we have a single parent after what we've been through it leaves a permanent scar of, ' We can't trust people' or ' We can't trust people she likes' in my case, it's the last one. Again, single parent kids tend to learn that the learning system is, ' Once is enough' once is enough to gather information about people like that, once is enough to learn that jumping on beds is bad because you can fall off. Once is enough when you find out it's bad, whereas kids with two parents might learn, ' It's okay to try again' it's okay to let someone try again, it's okay to try jumping on the bed again because last time was an accident. Kids with and without two parents have different ways of learning about people, it's just for us single parent kids we take up the belief ' Once is enough'
boi. (9 months ago)
some is actually true. No one actually focuses on this but it is harder for the child
Miranda Musgraves (9 months ago)
Irish (9 months ago)
#6... Yep
The Unknown Commenter :/ (9 months ago)
Single mom and I have no siblings yes it got lonely but it was okay I didn't have much social abilities and shy especially when I want to sing to someone or express my feelings
Rohisa IQBAL (9 months ago)
Absolutely rubbish
Rebecca Montalvo (10 months ago)
Cool I have a single mom. Never opened up to her though. Guess we're still close I call her once a week. How old are you in this video?
Alya Khaira (10 months ago)
Shout out to the single parents out there.. you are amazing!
Joseph White (11 months ago)
This chick is a quack. I grew up with no father. My mother didn't do a bad job but there are things only a biological father can do for a child. Hereditary traits that require explanation can't be explained by a non biological parent. And as far as step parents being as good or better they're simply not. How does faking being a dad to impress you're new girlfriend compare do being a real father. This is why YouTube shrinks are dumb and people who take this advise are naive and putting themselves at risk. Beaten like a step child isn't a saying for no reason. Again this female has no clue and this channel is garbage.
Foung Vang (11 months ago)
Bad video..confusing issues and not clarifying difference of effect from coping tools
Xo.Maricelys (11 months ago)
I came from a house hold where my mom was single seaking a partner for many years. One guy beat her infront of me. I barely got to see my mom since she worked many hours until it was my bed time. I once had a step sister that I just didn’t get along with. I also grew up not being able to go to dance class or get into any hobbies because my mom had a lot of bills to pay on her own. And my dad wasn’t around because he was in jail for 9 years. I became a very negative miserable little girl. I used to hit myself. I used to cut myself and have many suicidal thoughts, I ran away once to another state for a week . And as soon as a guy told me he loved me I gave him what ever he wanted . . . Sex when I wasn’t even ready. And I ended up pregnant at 15. Now all I want is to provide my kids with a better life than I had. But now I’m also a single mother coming out of my second abusive relationship not knowing how I’m going to afford anything other than bills.
Xo.Maricelys It sounds like history repeating itself
HannaAilsie8192 (1 year ago)
Stepdad mom brother narcissism
EvilEmoji (1 year ago)
I only have one living grandma and she lives over 400 miles away no other family in my city but my mom, dad and 2 out of 3 brothers none of which I live with and only live with a dad and struggles to keep afloat while trying to spend time with both mom and dad, then has no time for social life
river water (1 year ago)
As a kid I never thought family impacted my life. Now I'm 24 and I only noticed dysfunctional relationships in my past. I grew up with my mother only, as a girl. I noticed letting myself being used in relationships over and over again. I have zero notion what is being friends with a guy. I never saw my parents together in my life. I never experienced a family at home. My father impregnated my mother and threw her away. The problem was she always acted like that was ok, it was normal to be treated like that. I learned those values since baby and I have trouble believing in my worth as a person instead of an object for gratification of others.
Detox (1 year ago)
I have this guy tbat my mom wants me to call dad but hes not my dad idc if you guys got married i dont like him period
Randy Randy (1 year ago)
Moral of the video is pls to all the women out there please don’t have kids out of wedlock or for welfare payments
SunflowerCherries (1 year ago)
Wow I had a single parent without any of those perks. No wonder I have depression this young.
Dave Abian (1 year ago)
Shit i hate you papa sana namatay kanalang tang ama mo gago ka...
VIDCID88 (1 year ago)
I’m a 16 yea old boy and I grew up with a single old dad, my dad is 60 now. Its tough. I matured way quicker than other boys. I have a strong bond with my dad. But I never got to play games with him and have fun with him because he had me and my brother in his mid to late 40s. And he has som many health problems like bad knees, hernia, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. He might die when I’m only 25. I never got to experience a normal childhood. And me and my older brother hate each other and never hang out together so I grew up alone with just me and my dad. And I suffer from depression. My life sucks. But I appreciate my dad and all the good he’s done for me.
Tyrant Jesus (28 days ago)
Man up
lylepup222 (6 months ago)
I understand dude
rob sega (1 year ago)
Louie Buenaventura (1 year ago)
You're pretty but not all you're reactions is right. But practice makes perfect, meet ordinary people first thank u!
Emma Champion (1 year ago)
sorry but your video is very misleading and missguided, and based on any a tiny amount of evidence. I also think your videos quite toxic and damming towards anyone who's in a single parent family child or parent. Basically condemn in all children who are in a single parent situation as going to grow up as brain defective alcoholics. Seriously need to be more mindful before producing your videos
Chuck Farson (1 year ago)
Dont you mean....10 effects of kids having a single mother....most children raised just by father's typically experience better lives by making better decisions.
dank queen (1 year ago)
I've been motherless since I was 5
Keli Y (1 year ago)
Wow #7 and #9 are so fucking false in my family
Joe man (1 year ago)
see now i was thinking if everything works out good after college and getting a job that i can save for a couple years then going back to the rez to adopt a child that i can connect with because of our dine heritage.
Lord Melon (1 year ago)
What about without a mother? With the mouse test? There are never tests on motherless children.
David Francis (1 year ago)
what the fuck is the point of this video? it just makes single parents feel like they're not doing a good job. Also, what if one of the parents died? this is pointless.
neethu valsan (10 months ago)
Sadly there are feminists encouraging women to be single mothers just to show that women are " independent " .....they say families are a cultural construct and there's no need for a child to have a father....
Amina Elbou (11 months ago)
He is right! What is the point of this video ! Single parents can do as much great job as coupled parents. It is up to the healthy relationship either one or both parents might or might not provide their children with. I, for example, have been raised by my both parents but still I suffered from depression and lots of psychological issues due to their lack of meeting my own emotional needs. How can you explain this ?
HannaAilsie8192 (1 year ago)
David Francis why are you so bitter over 3 minutes.... you chose to watch?
Tobin Fisher #2 (1 year ago)
Please show me the data, and I will show you a study that was manipulated to get the funding. It's crap like this that tells a kid, they don't have a fair shake- BS

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