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Are Free Ukrainian and Russian Dating Sites Really FREE? Forget It!

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Kate, a founder of Best-Matchmaking.com, a Slavic marriage agency, discusses ""absolutely"" free, no paid Ukrainian and Russian dating sites. Are they really absolutely free? This video is no comparison to Best-Matchmaking.com, a paid matchmaking service. Kate decided to give her subjective opinion on this topic and share her thoughts. At the beginning, let’s start with the idiom: “There is no such thing as a free lunch!” (or my favorite - If you pay peanuts you get monkeys). This is so true! On FREE Ukrainian and Russian dating sites you often have a high chance to get scammed, as you never know who is really behind the other part of the monitor because the site's admins do not verify members' profiles. Basically, free dating sites do not offer any service for free. If you decide to go for any additional service, you have to pay fees. So free dating services become paid. Choose the Ukrainian and Russian dating sites very carefully, as you compromise your time, money and feelings. Visit our website https://best-matchmaking.com/ to meet and date the Ukrainian and Russian most beautiful and marriage-minded ladies. Some other useful Links: https://best-matchmaking.com/matchmaking/ http://brides-hunter.com (Ukrainian dating blog by Kate) https://www.facebook.com/Best-matchmaking-International-Marriage-Agency-1682755348453667/
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Jeff D (9 days ago)
Not 1 of them are Free. I have never done it but, you have to pay around US $20 to send or read just 1 email on most of those sites. They are all total Bullshit, ran by fake Pimps, who are trying to rip off older single forigne men .... Go look at a few of these sites. you have to send alot of Money on these so called Credits in order to send just 1 Stupid email.... You got a better chance if you try and meet a girl on your own using Facebook or something like that Never trust a Ukraine Dating site that wants you to pay per every single letter you send or read. If you do, you are a Fool.
Will B (12 days ago)
I only want to know if the host of this video is available?
Mustak Ahmed (29 days ago)
my WhatsApp no 8119998783 I wait for you you
Mustak Ahmed (29 days ago)
I'm rady any girls marry me?
Daulat Jakhar (1 month ago)
I am marriage russian girl
Wayne Shephard (1 month ago)
Nicely spoken and quite interesting, I joined a paid site, Elena's but the big focus on that site was pay every step of the way, and a lot, but ask for help and they don't reply, I talked to girls, arranged a trip to see one lady, they never replied to my queries on travelling, very disappointing, do you recommend a sincere site?
Ukraine brides (1 month ago)
dear Wayne! please contact me over info@best-matchmaking.com we will discuss the options with you because we have some programs where you pay only once + there is a possibility of doing contacts exchange with the ladies as well.
FILIP TERZIYSKI (1 month ago)
Hey,. My name is Antonio 43 years old and I am looking for a woman from Ukraine or Russia. I am living long time in Munich Germany.
Nelago A (4 days ago)
Do you like black women.? I'm here...39 years old.
Ukraine brides (1 month ago)
dear Philip! I think that everything is possible. please send me an email at info@best-matchmaking.com and we will discuss how do we help you.
Lucky Rathore (1 month ago)
Hi I am Lucky Rathore from India 37 year old I want life partner Russian and Ukraine girl what can help me
Richard Melnyk (1 month ago)
shahbaz khalid (2 months ago)
My name is Shahbaz Khalid .whatsaap (+923328078899)(skbazz@gmail.com)
Pierre Papacostis (2 months ago)
Jonathan Teck (3 months ago)
I would like some help to have a girl from Ukraine
praveen nanda (3 months ago)
Im from india i want to merry ukrine or russian woman
Omar Gonzalez (2 months ago)
que perro estas ehh
Erhan Mustafov (2 months ago)
dont ....
RevenantOfStorms (3 months ago)
You're right. But still, I believe that any site which allows communication between members and is not a total scam itself can be good enough - paid or free.
Paul Lewin (4 months ago)
Sorry but you are wrong!! We dont mind paying) but we want to get what we pay for!!!!??????. Ukraine is so corrupt it is impossible to know. So it is alk a classed as a scam. I seen it it in kiev.. several times.. soon it will die to dust.. Ok Fact.
Ukraine brides (4 months ago)
hi Paul. yes, i agree, there are plenty of scam. But scam can be anywhere and also in your country, right? Likely, not everyone is a scammer. There are signs when you can understand if the agency is scam or not.as well is there are signs about the lady you are dating with. Yes, online dating is not easy but if you pay enough attention to it than you can find the right way, i think...
Faisal Ali (5 months ago)
Lord Mike Key (7 months ago)
You vlog i exelent. You education background is vital to do it on a such high level. You are very inteligent as well as professional. Have you ever a teacher or lecturer at school or Uni level....it is amazing..Well done
dipak paik (10 months ago)
Thanks for give us such a wonderful suggestion .
Thiên Huong Vlxd (11 months ago)
My home at hồ chi minh city
Thiên Huong Vlxd (11 months ago)
Viet nam pace and warm weather and earn money. If you touch english.
Thiên Huong Vlxd (11 months ago)
My brothes 47 old. He olone. He working is accounting. He earm one lady ur
Ukraine brides (11 months ago)
agree but we are looking for grooms for our Ukrainian brides. Are there more men than women in Vietnam? like in South Korea? )) May be we shall try. What are the most popular channels in Vietnam? Is it U tube also or something specific?
Vishnu Arnie (11 months ago)
account no money
Thiên Huong Vlxd (11 months ago)
Go to viet nam
Ukraine brides (11 months ago)
Why do i need Vietnam? ))))
Mohd Yunus Mohd Yusof (11 months ago)
Do you have muslim ladies?

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